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  1. 94850tx

    Eriks 850

    Did you decide to have Aaron build you an engine?
  2. That would not be 100% true. IPD has a tune that will work for the manual if the car is stock. My car is not stock and we are going round and round on trying to get it retuned but believe we have found an option locally. My 2000 runs and drives fine and is safe to drive. Just isn't as smooth on the dyno as we'd like...not that nearly 400ftlbs at the wheels is bad or anything....
  3. 94850tx

    Eriks 850

    Very nice!
  4. 94850tx

    Eriks 850

    It's always better when the project is not a daily driver...so much easier to get things done then. It'll be really sweet when we get a better tune on it. A few odds and ends to finish up but overall it's about done. Nick
  5. 94850tx

    Eriks 850

    Looks killer....still a daily driver? Cannot wait to have mine home so I can enjoy the greatness of the work Aaron does...
  6. Looks great...nice of you to put the entire build on one page. Was the S60R shifter worth while? We've been talking of doing this on mine. Nick
  7. Blue book sucks and cannot be used on modded car...really on Volvos for that matter. NADA is better. Get a life.
  8. Very interesting to read, glad the info I provided was of some help. I need to to some more checking to verify this can work on a 1999/2000 as well. I sent you a PM as I'd like to talk on the phone some to go over a few things. Nick
  9. So last month....this is old news. Doesn't anyone subscribe to Automotive News via e-mail? BMW would never work and they aren't even interested any more. I, personally think Volvo AB is the biggest contender right now and who it should go to IMHO.
  10. 94850tx

    Project Pras

    Just browsing quickly, sure y'all have checked it but CMP and RPM sensor are good, right? Ive pulled cars in and done shit as simple as put air in the tires and had them not start for that reason.
  11. 94850tx

    Project Pras

    Man that sucks, hate to hear that happen but I know how it goes. Doesn't your dad live in Irving, Tx area if I remember right? I work at the dealer there so if you need anything while you're there let me know. How much work was the S70R front bumper? I'm going to do an S70 AWD rear bumper on my car, wasn't sure if the front would fit or not. Nick
  12. I can make it friday and saturday. I'm off Saturday and can do anything Friday evening. Lets atleast do something even its its small Anyone want to get together and do a spirted driving tour? (nothing wild just go down some fun back roads)? Maybe go down to Elm street or the stock yards? Im open to ideas. Only thing Im limited on is where I can eat....cant have anything real greasy. Nick
  13. I plan to be there. The turbo car is back together, need to do the rear main but I'll hold off so I don't take it apart and then piddle around and not get it back together. Either way between the 3 volvos I should have a volvo to roll. Nick