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  1. Congratulations!! I'm sure the weight of a large part of the earth just left your shoulders now you'll be able to sleep with out thinking "why won't it run" all night long. Good job on the trouble shoot.
  2. I replaced my drivers door check, no more holding it open with my foot and installed my rear braided brake lines to complement the ones I installed on the front. I don't really know if it helped much but it can't hurt to get those 17yr+ old rubber lines off the car and some fresh fluid in the system anyways.
  3. Replaced my ABS module, no more dash lights :D
  4. I bought the weitec kit from Greg, and last I checked I pay my own mortgage and my beds a QUEEN Just messing with ya pras.
  5. Stainless is NOT the material to use.....
  6. I gotta say "whatever" again. But when I want to find out the real story I tune into FOX! and I don't hate/dislike all canadians just the dumb ones. Just like I can't stand dumb americans, seems to be alot of those lately.... :rolleyes:
  7. A gun itself is about as deadly as a 3lbs rock. Now a loaded gun could be dangerous in the hands of Plan B, or a small child ect. Gun safety is really so simple just takes commen sense really. The problem is alot of people don't have it. Worried about your child felix88, thats a great sign you care now just do the commen sense thing and keep the ammo well hidden or locked up and keep the gun well hidden or locked up in a different place but accesible if needed by you. When the time is right slowly teach the child gun safty basics working up to actually fireing the weapon at a range, Even if the child only watches. When the time is right let the child shoot and expan on the gun safty principles. When your done for the day put the gun away and the ammo away in different places. Trust me it really works, a weapon has never shot somebody in the history of firearms, with no bullets in it.