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  1. Very nice, it looks like it has the backup sensors on the rear bumper as well? I can't tell from the pictures which radio it has, but I have a complete PA-200 amp "kit" that would be plug and play if you decide to go with the HU-850.
  2. installed a spare tire subwoofer in the T5:
  3. swapped out the DDM and added a factory 75Wx4 underseat amp in the T5.
  4. Found these at the JY still mounted to a random P2 engine mount, discarded on the ground
  5. Retrofitted a PA200 amp and the factory amp harness that came out of a junked S80 to a base P2 V70 today under the passenger seat. As expected, the car was pre-wired with the 12V+ground harness. Interestingly enough, the 2 mounting holes for the amp brackets under the seat were not threaded so I had to tap the holes using a M6x1.00 tap. I also had to elongate holes on one of the amp brackets with a unibit. The pictures on this URL covers 95% of what's needed
  6. Found an old-school Thule 400 aero set with the P80 Fit Kit(#161) with 58" bars that were missing the locks and lock covers. I happened to have the missing pieces so I picked these up. I don't really need these but the price was right:
  7. Swapped a destroyed P2 vinyl wheel with a P2 XC leather wheel. The process is similar to a P80 wheel change.
  8. I had to call in a favor with a dealer contact to get my key cut, but here's the finished product:
  9. You need one of these, then. PM me. To get back on topic... I received my 4-button kit today. I ended up using the OEM rubber seal because the one that came with the kit would not let the two halves join properly(the fob button would not make full contact with the microswitch underneath). Other than that, I'm reasonably happy with the kit.
  10. Thanks, I"ll have to check with my local B&M locksmiths. My two nearest dealerships are 30-40 minutes away and I have no way to get there during their business hours. Edit: 2 local locksmiths both quoted me $35, and that was with my self-provided key blank.
  11. Can the uncut key from the OP's kit be cut by the typical hardware store's key equipment?
  12. Here are the ebay links 4-button kit 3-button kit
  13. I found an Avic D3 with ADT-VA133 double din cage+trim ring for a decent price and it was a perfect time to finally add the woodgrain hvac/radio console that i've had for over 3 years. Let's party like it was 2007.
  14. Yanked out the seized e-brake cables on the XC(both sides) and added new e-brake shoes+hardware.
  15. Finally ditched the snows on steelies. Trying the Propus Cs on the S70 this year: Waiting for a deal to finalize on a set of Comets for this car. In the meantime, Perfos will have to do: