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  1. Waiting for the call to go pick up the car. I just hope to Christ it is not more than the cash I've been busting my ass at my second job for over the past two months. Little bit of a downer if it ends up double what I am expecting...we shall see. When I get the call....this is totally happening:
  2. Figured since I got new tires, fresh painted wheel... I should round it all out: tehe
  3. ...what? "Jeep Wrangler 2JZ STI Cluster RSX Seats LED Tail light MOMO Steering Wheel 2JZ Twin Turbo Full Race Turbo Holset Turbo Grady Intake Maniford SKS Blow Valve Full Race Intercooler Pro Com 15x10 Wheels "
  4. ....did you watch any of the other ones?
  5. Hankook OPTIMO H727 P195/60R15 Goldie is getting some new rubber
  6. Nice side by side comparison of just how stupid you look with the duckface....
  7. A whole page of the halftime show in GIFs
  8. Back to Hamburg with me Best part is-- I was googling promo codes for United flights, I came across this gem: Gave it a shot, saved about $40 a US Weightlifting Olympian...
  9. These 17" TSWs, and a set of Hankook Ventus V12 Evo K110s
  10. FINALLY! These: Wrapped in: $100 rebate on EACH and free lugs? Thank yyyoooouuuu Jetta gunna be stylin B)
  11. Ah. Yea, tanning on my mom's roof top. Can't leave the chairs up, or the wind will blow them around. So, they stay knocked over/upsidedown until use.
  12. SO. Friday, Great Lakes brewing company did me in during a work meeting on Friday. Ended up having to call my man of interest and his brother to come pick my drunk ass up. The next morning, I work up and just kinda went 'AH!' when I looked in the mirror after washing my face. I had a pretty decent black eye. Now, I don't know how I got it. It's either from: 1) Starting to get sloppy and hit/injured myself Friday night. 2) My friend and his brother gang raped me, lightly hitting me in the face. 3) Man of Interest flails in his sleep, hit me. 4) ALIENS! or, what I've been saying 5) Bea
  13. Like most have said, most of my threads start with :insert 'cartwheels on the beach' type photo: and then 'Let's see what the fuck you guys can spin this off to!' But, I think that's one of my only jobs here on VS: Post 'inappropriate' pictures for fapping/mocking and just show the proper forum attitude of 'Yo BRO, why so serious?' Moral of the story, I got more balls than all of y'all! Duty #2: Make sandwiches and hot wings for Carlisle! Not exactly sure. I came across the sketch one day on Google, printed it out, loved it for a year or so. Finally went back and found the
  14. Different strokes for different folks. Personally, I hate stupid little tattoos. Like, girls who get music notes, flowers, stars, ect. on their feet.
  15. Figured a bunch of us here got em, why not show em? THE OCTOPUSSY!!!!
  16. I love posting random nonsense on bitches posts
  17. So last night I hosted some couchsurfers ( who were riding from Key West, FL to Niagara Falls, NY! I was Day 39 of their 50 day journey. They are raising money for the Wounded Warrior Project, and have never cycled out of state so I was pretty damn impressed! Nice guys too, check out their webpage and what not: Oh! and Nate (Right) drives a 1992 240 which I thought was awesome
  18. A few Carlisle buys New chrome, Exit stuff