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  1. The future of bicycles? made from recycled cardboard and has a weight limit of 220kg which is like massive for something that weighs less than 10kgs! b
  2. Ah I love ebay sometimes, another funny ebay ad to make you laugh.
  3. I would stay away from the 1.8T audis simply cause i've heard the engine fails a lot due to sludge buildup. Maybe the diesel is better or doesn't have that problem. Just stick to Volvo's or Bimmers lol.
  4. There you go, fixed it so now the yanks will know ur on about lol
  5. Nice choice ! id probs stay with the V8 bimmers though as id be scared of the cost fixing a V12 :(
  6. God the worst part of that pic is he's wearing a White Zombie Hoodie!!
  7. duz anybozy know whats teh best thing to eats for a hangober? Cheers :lol:
  8. Man i can't belive this topic is still going strong.......Lemme know who buys Volvo out though "Fingers crossed" - BMW lol i know it won't happen though
  9. Ok everybody repeat after me.... KIASPEED!!! lol nah just shoot me now, thats just wrong