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  1. maxx999

    Bike Pics!

    The future of bicycles? made from recycled cardboard and has a weight limit of 220kg which is like massive for something that weighs less than 10kgs! b
  2. maxx999

    Off Topic: The Thread

    Ah I love ebay sometimes, another funny ebay ad to make you laugh.
  3. maxx999

    Off Topic: The Thread

    I would stay away from the 1.8T audis simply cause i've heard the engine fails a lot due to sludge buildup. Maybe the diesel is better or doesn't have that problem. Just stick to Volvo's or Bimmers lol.
  4. maxx999

    Off Topic: The Thread

    There you go, fixed it so now the yanks will know ur on about lol
  5. maxx999

    Off Topic: The Thread

    Nice choice ! id probs stay with the V8 bimmers though as id be scared of the cost fixing a V12 :(
  6. maxx999

    Off Topic: The Thread

    more pics of Eliza! :wub:
  7. maxx999

    Off Topic: The Thread

    God the worst part of that pic is he's wearing a White Zombie Hoodie!!
  8. maxx999

    Post here when you're drunk or hungover

    duz anybozy know whats teh best thing to eats for a hangober? Cheers :lol:
  9. maxx999

    Volvo Was Sold

    Man i can't belive this topic is still going strong.......Lemme know who buys Volvo out though "Fingers crossed" - BMW lol i know it won't happen though
  10. maxx999

    Volvo Was Sold

    Ok everybody repeat after me.... KIASPEED!!! lol nah just shoot me now, thats just wrong