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  1. Greetings, it's been a while for my input to the forum, life can do that. So, I managed to spin a rod bearing in the '99 V70. The additional challenge to fixing this, is that I only have use of the shop area for the next two months. Not to mention average temp here is around 105F. Also, finding a reliable crank grinder with the needed turnaround time wasn't happening. So, I found a donner motor with 140k to salvage the crankshaft from it. So what I plan to do: Picked up pistons and H-beams from BlackT5 Single Mass Flywheel with '98 R clutch and PP Valve Job (head has never been of the motor) Water pump & Timing Belt
  2. Forgot to log in, I'm interested, just thru a rod in my '99 V70 T5 (formerly JRL's)
  3. The bigger air box sounds interesting, and brings up something that I've thought about from time to time. I've had visions of plumming in a second AC evap into an airbox to provide true cold air induction. I figured that the compressor load wouldn't change so no additional drain on HP. The trick would be switching it on and off while still retaining cabin cooling.
  4. Very impressive work as always. I almost hate to ask, but is there anything left to mod or now is it time to enjoy the fruits of your labor?
  5. H, It also looks like the what appears to be a voltage regulator on the board which is under your red and green wire, appears to be a rosin / flux connection, I'd recommend reflow and clean to assure a good connection.
  6. Amazing stuff. Almost time to update your sig again, your currently stated HP is way off
  7. H, You may have really started something here, scoop looks like it belongs. Elegant install as usual.
  8. I'd say the shop did it right, when I ran a shop, the only way to really deal with hot spots is to grind them out.
  9. What fixed my false timing / knock issues was replacing my knock sensors.
  10. I also never felt any misfire or detonation, or backfire or anything, but would get CELs for misfire, changed everything, including going to magnicore wires. For my tune and mods the performance just wasn't there. I changed out the knock sensors, and it's an entirely different running car. Picked up 5 mpg, and performance is spectacular.
  11. Don't know if you've covered it, I've skimmed thru the entire thread, and only saw one picture of your knock sensors. I had a similar issue with the ECU pulling timing, turned out to be bad knock sensors, sending false misfire which caused the ECU to pull timing.
  12. I like the conduit idea you have. I'm wondering if the added support of it might allow for tighter radius without kinking?
  13. Guess I never posted up...