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  1. How did I know pras would paint his car red Also the completely shaved door trim and handles is weird at first, but it'll prolly grow on me. Props on doing somethign diferent
  2. I'm from Santa Rosa as well (Forestville) and I know what you mean about the wine-snobs essentially stoking each others cocks about politics. I'm not particularly fond of Chomsky and Zinn, however I do find it interesting, just as I find reading George Will interesting too. Maybe if you read a lot more of starfish's posts in the political forum, even a conservative as yourself would see how far out in right field he is.
  3. It's funny, whenever I hop into the political forum, all I ever see is starfish spewing some random 'facts' and bickering about liberal this, socialist that, anti-semtic this. I always get this picture of a small log cabin in the middle of Montana with some guy with 12 rifles on his wall sitting there chewing on a piece of hops. Then mumbling about the goddamn liberals.....
  4. seems more like ingrateful immigrants in small communities trying to feel important rather than a big picture of what Sweden is like
  5. Dude, all you are doing is bringing your personal life into this and making me drag mine as well, I have no desire to do so, and frankly, the stuff you've spewed does nothing more to prove you point besides boo poking hoo youve had people dislike you as a member of the US Armed Forces. I still dont know how Chuck wants me to answer his question, you as well. You want me to write a goddam research paper on Vietnam? Sorry I'm in the middle of Finals, I have no desire to do that. Oh yeah and I'm tired of correcting your spelling mistakes so I'll jsut stop.
  6. If I remember correctly War was not declared in Vietnam. It was a military conlfict, and our troops were advisors. Gulf of Tonkin Resolution etc. congress was involved in the approval of troops, the president was supposed to get temporary powers, that worked out well.
  7. The North Vietnamese wrote our history books on vietnam?
  8. First, it's spelled 'were' not wher or where. And 'perspective' not prespective. I have not 'lived' in another country, but I have been travelling since I was 4 years old. I've been to Canada, Mexico (3x), Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica (3x) Nicaragua, England (2x) France (3x), Spain, Monaco, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, India, Thailand (2x), Cambodia, Singapore and China. That makes 24 other countried besides the United States, and I might have missed one or two. So yes, I have seen alot of the world and experienced other cultures. You speak of California's lowered education standards, looks like they do better in spelling than in Saudi Arabia. And they can't be all that bad seeing as I was higher than oh I dunno about 98 percent of the country on the SAT I and SAT II. Second, speaking other languages does not make you clean of racism. Good for you, you speak spanish and Arabic, that dosent prevent you from being racist. Also, you said that you are not a bigot because you only have sex with one woman, You put the goddamn definition of bigot in your post and still used it incorrectly. I called you a bigot because you are "obstinate and unreasoning attachment of one's own belief and opinions, with narrow-minded intolerance of beliefs opposed to them." Nothing to do with you banging your wife. This sin't helping your case of being smarter than I give you credit for. Next question on part two of your argument. I take it you are Christian of some sort, believing in god and Jesus and the like. How are you kids Jewish (unless your wife is Jewish)? I'm guessing you are hispanic because you said your kids are hispanic and that you speak spanish. Ok good for you, so what if you other kids are Irish Scottish and Hispanic, I know your racial background, that doesnt mean your not a racist or a bigot, it just means you're a Scottish/Irish/Hispanic bigot. Still havent made any ground on proving your intelligence....You mention multiple wives...I didn't call you a polygamist dude. 3rd. Yes, I know where Saudi Arabia is, I was in Jordan in Aqaba which is right near the border of Saudi I know where it is. Do you know where Bardou, France is? Do you know where Chichicastenango, Guatemala is? Do you know where Amritsar, India is? What's your point? you can name a random place you've been to, so can I. Ok, so you lived a bunch of places while in the military, that gives you only a semi-world view because everyone treats you as a member of the US armed services, and associates you with that, not with a regular person, and your avergae native. Once again your reference to the word bigot and it's definition do nothing to help prove your point, so I dont see why you keep bringing it up. I never called you debaucherous. 4th. It's Mycenaean. And yes you spelled fetuses correctly. Once it's spelled 'were' not 'where'. Just trying to help out so others might take you more seriously. Ok, yeah, previous cultures have had debaucherous characters and stupid politicians, and I was simply saying that calling all the democrats who you label as liberals as debaucherous is unjust seeing as many of the scandals have involved conservative politicians and prominent conservatives, not democrats.... Thank you for the comments about my car and my role on this board, I really dont contribute that much, I mainly jsut leech off of other peoples learnings and mistakes. And as for the condition of my car, maybe get you Jewish kid to manage your finances so you have more money which you can use to pay your hispanic kid to clean it for you, and repair the damage your drunken Irish and Scottish Kids have don to it. It's in Africa, right? What exactly do you want to know Chuck? Just because I wasn't alive doesn't mean that I know nothing about it. They do teach about it, and there is plenty of information readily available about it as well as people who are still alive who were there.
  9. Hmm, take a history course.....Let's see, there was us history in 4th grade, california history in 5th grade, Greek history in 6th grade, medieval history in 7th grade, US history and the constitution in 8th grade, I dont think I had history in 9th grade, AP European History and AP World Civilzations history (basically rough overview of all ancient histories) in 10th grade, AP US Hisory in 11th grade, and in 12th grade I took a seperate class on Roman and Greek History. In case you didn't know (you seem ignorant so far, AP refers to adavnced placement, not that its hard, but maybe for stupid people it is). Now moving on to college. My first year I took European History and Middle Eastern History. My second year I took US history Civil War to present, and European History 1914 to present. My third year I took Arabic which included some middle eastern history, US Foreign Policy from 1945 to present Now, I'm finishing up my Econ classes so I'm jsut taking a class on Ancient Egyptian History. Is there anything else you'd like me to Take? I agree the fool is the person who does not learn from history and is doomed to repeat it, Vietnam anyone? What countries have adopted abortion and homosexuality that have doomed themselves? Haha, you make it seem like God will smite the countries with his great stick of eternal smiting. Your interpretaion of what is going on has no relevance to world history, only to creationism, and your racist bigoted evangelical little world that you live in.
  10. I'm guessing you mean Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, and Kennedy? Lol, your opinion of what liberalzation means is noting more than a biased skewed interpretation of what you feel that more libearl politicians have been doing over time. Not at all what the term liberal or liberalism means. Liberate citizens of their independence? Ha! So that's why the REPUBLICANS passed the Patriot Act, which possibly violated more personal freedoms than any other single bill in history. Liberate from the constitution? So that's why the seperation of church and state is becoming more blurred, because of the liberals? It's debauchery by the way. And liberals aren't the ones having gay encounters with little male interns. They're also not the ones who support priests molesting little boys. Just about the only thing they can even be accused of doing which could be seen as debaucherous is gay marriage (like Cheney's Daughter) which affects no one except gay people, so just let em be happy, they're not getting any tazzy already. And the other is abortion which I wont even go into with you nut-jobs because it's sure to end up bad. Just like the result of your parents copulating.
  11. Are the Nazi Muslims rebuilding so they can kill the Neocon Jews? Wow, it all makes sense now. Adolf Mohammed will be our next leader, why didn't I think of that, he'll beat out Barak Obama or John McCain for sure. Well there ya have it folks through the combined knowledge of starfish and Dvolvoguy you know our next president and what will happen from 2008-12. Oh Mike, well said.
  12. Dude, stop slobbering Michael Savage's cock and using his book title in every reference to liberalism. Think for yourself, make your own conclusions instead of just listening to what your church tells you and what ulta conservative op ed writers tell you. And shut the monkey up already with you conservative intelligentsia, you're no poking 'smarter' than anyone here because of your political orientation of political school of though. (based on your posts and lack of an open mind I might even be so daring as to suggest you are less smart) There's plenty of intelligent people on both sides of the coin, and plenty of idiots (we have goddamn native americans and hippies sitting in the poking oak trees they want to cut down to rebuild our football stadium. And there are psycho nut-jobs like yourself on the other side). So please, shut the monkey up already starfish. You are the only person who contributes to the political forum who is soo closed minded and a such a puppet of what they are told. Every other conservative person who posts here has at least a stable mind and can think critically outside of what they read in ridiculous articles, except yourself. Most every single liberal person here is able to admit to mistakes, and can see the other sides reason. So please, I'm sick and tired of you polluting these forums with your spamming I'm dumb, I'd rather jsut see ads for ponies, a limp dick, and Young Coeds who are local and ready to monkey!
  13. ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Dude, I'm almost speechless, almost. Also the fact that you can cite 4 places that prove your point means nothing, its just other people opnions as well. Are you that sheltered and ignorant to believe that there is no such thing as a neo conservative today? and that its a code word for a Jew? I dont even know what to say to that, its jsut so retarded.
  14. Ok, I'll bite, but only because I really dont want to study for my finals. 1. Baath party members still are very present in Iraq, albeit they are not the ruling party, they still exist and they still have some say in the government and are still a political party in Iraq. 2. Yes our occupation is not going well, and I do have many clues as to why, I too am a political science major, and I focused in terrorism, and the middle east, so yes I know. We have created a perfect place where any and every terrorist can both attack the USA, and vie for power of a country that has no leadership. There is much more to be said on it, but I dont want to spend that much time. 3. The fact that someone cannot supply a solution does not make them an idiot, the fact that they are willing to not blindly follow what they are told, and to have the audacity to question things is good. While it gets annoying sometimes, it is needed. And furthermore, while bringing all the troops home right now will not help things, neither will refusing to formulate any sort of exit strategy. 4. Our intel did not exactly come to the conclusions of the rest of the world, people challenged it and questioned it, but they were silenced, or in some cases, their significant others get exposed as being spies and their lives ruined. Also, many have testified saying that they were told to not say things that contradicted what they president wanted to hear. We clear start wars based on assumptions, we started the Vietnam war on the assumption that letting Vietnam fall to a communist regime would make us look weak to the soviets and therefore we must keep it from happening. Hey that war turnbed out great too! 5. What Mike was referring to with his ill-written sentence was that the goals of going into iraq have changed a lot. First it was because Saddam had WMD's and was trying to make more, yellow cake anyone? Then it was that Saddam needed to be removed because he was a horrible person. Then it was that we were prevent terrorism. Multiple reports have been released explicitly stating that Saddam has no ties to Al-Qaeda, anyone who has studied the region would know that Al-Qaeda was a very religious based group, and Saddam was not tolerant of religious groups, so the two being together would not make sense. Now the war is about establishing democracy. 6. You can't honestly say that the marine corps has no position. You're jsut repeating a bunch of babbling BS you've been told. While the MC doesnt make official press releases stating their positions and opinions, clearly the higher ups in the MC have their own opinions and since they make a lot of the decisions, their opinions are reflected in their decisions. Additionally, those who join the MC are more likely to havea certain political affiliation and certain beliefs about foreign policy, so one can very easily make claims about the MC's position, 7. Wow, a semester away from a DEGREE IN POLITICAL SCIENCE!!!!! Wow, that's soo poking hard to get, the amount of complete morons here at Cal who are going to be getting degree's in Poli Sci is astounding. I'll have a degree in PoliSci and Econ in a semester, whoop de doo! That makes you marginally more qualified to discuss things than jsut about anyone with a brain. The degree means very little, other than you can take some classes. 8. What makes it a disgrace is the refusal to admit that anything is going wrong until it is soo far gone that we can't do anythign about it. The current presidency would rather be Strong and Wrong, instead of changing their minds, admitting they were wrong, potentially looking weak and being correct in the end. What makes it a disgrace is that we still have almost no people in the intelligence community who speak arabic, and even fewer who speak Farsi (should we go into Iran). What makes it a disgrace is the government and military's complete refusal to learn about the cultures that we are fighting against. Still you see the marine storming into houses in Iraq yelling in ENGLISH for people to get down and not move. These people dont know what the monkey their saying, we really have no idea about how these people live and that is part of the key reason that we are having such a hard time doing anythign in Iraq. Perhaps if we learned more before we went in, we would have seen how poking hard and impossible these people are to teach anything. That's all for now, I'm out.