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  1. A little slow, but PM and email sent......
  2. I believe that your hatred and narrow mindedness is a mental disorder and that you are a perversion on what a compassionate and kind human being should be.
  3. B)--> QUOTE(Plan B @ Oct 10 2006, 01:57 AM) ← Get some 18 hottie female on here and let's see how you and or anyone else reacts. kettle/black NICE!!!
  4. B)--> QUOTE(Plan B @ Oct 4 2006, 02:52 PM) ←ewwww..... BUAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!.........sorry hottie, I though it was a guy Im confused... Grant really is gay?! I thought that was a joke. :huh:
  5. Looking good, but definately needs tint on all those windows...Not too dark though, keep it classy.
  6. :tup: Beautiful! Leave grille black, nice contrast. perfect.
  7. THANK YOU!!! --> QUOTE(Plan B @ Sep 4 2006, 10:59 AM) ←It's the same people that think "god" created the earth that think homosexuality is a choice I love you.
  8. Looks WAY better! Hope to see you around GTA!
  9. Ya online you see them often, but here where I am, there arent that many Volvos with Pegs(graydons yes). Since I have put mine on, there isnt a day that goes by where someone doesnt compliment them. Especially at the Coin -Op! I have never seen them on anything BUT a Volvo too! So where I am, Im original.
  10. I will be in that club very soon, winter is on its way!! Unitl then, WELCOME to the PEG club! Looks GREAT!!!!
  11. Thats a SEXY S60R!! I really LOVE that colour on that car, it matches the wheels... Enjoy!
  12. DAMN you SAM! Every time I see your sig I get inflamed with ENVY!!! I WANT THAT SPOILER!!! GRRRR! :D