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  1. then maybe we should all order more stuff.. would that solve anything :P
  2. where did george from viva drive from?? keep in mind that John sharp came from california! i also never heard george speak badly about VS.. both George and John are good vendors in my mind, having dealt with both of them at the meet for things ive recently ordered. Thanks guys!
  3. is anyone working on there car, or are we just going to stand around and kick tires.. if anyone plans on working i can bring some tools and supplies to help out, not saying il be doing any hard work but i will gladly contribute to fellow VS'ers, i work at fastenal so if anyone needs and HARDWARE BOLTS NUTS ETC.. let me know and il get them for a fraction of the cost from volvo.. Looking forward to it! -Patrick
  4. just bought tickets for the show field.. idk why but last year i bought the $50 ones.. see everyone at carlisle!
  5. for everyone who is trying to decide what they want to do as far as a supporting membership.. GET ONE ALREADY, i just bought mine this morning and once i got in the R forum i realized how much funny shit is in the like... well i cant say just buy a membership with a fraction of the money you've saved by using this forum for repairs or any other service that would have cost you big somewhere else.. 40 bucks isnt THAT much now is it?
  6. wow, thats pretty messed up and i would def. sue the police or whatever rent-a-cop's they were
  7. whats the status on it? is it at evolve?
  8. i LOVE the rims on the saff.. also the grill is sweet and i say keep it the way it is! thats the perfect driveway IMO.. minus the chalk drawings which im not going to ask how they got there dont write on strangers driveways
  9. Patrickw


  10. i hate ford. move the company back to sweden this is gay as all hell, WTF <_<
  11. how about we take all the poor wagons that have been cursed and pile them at the border... it would be a brick wall right??? and i believe that anyone born here should NOT get automatic citizenship.. and deport illegals
  12. this web site sucks

  13. i swear that button is for the seat HEATERS.. the element must have burnt out, too bad its not covered under the warrenty :ph34r:
  14. as long as they dont drag volvo into the whole driving around circles thing, i could care less.. think of the cars you could build with the money they pi$$ away going in circles.. how effing stupid do you have to be.. god