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  1. Really? Is there room for this intercooler piping using the original radiator. I think I'll have to have a look in my car. In this case a Cosworth RS500 style intercooler might fit!
  2. I know, this is a off topic, but what kind of intercooler / radiator does Rocko use? Does he still have an AC? Cheers, Tadek
  3. Remove all the lines to inspect them! Otherwise you will not be able to tell their condition. You might want to check the diaphragm of the recirculating valve in the turbo's compressor housing. You do not have to remove this to check it, just connect a vaccum hose to the connection, where the original vaccum hose is connected. Then suck on that hose. If the diaphragm does not hold the vaccum, it is torn. You should check the checkvalves of the crankcase ventilation (PCV) and the one going to the charcoal canister of the EVAP system es well. Good luck! Cheers, Tadek
  4. I do not know what you are referring to exacly with "high voltage", but MSII with v3.0 board has a VB921 high current coil driver installed. Whether this works with the standard Volvo coil, I do not know, as I do not know what kind of signal this coil needs.
  5. Exactly, you do not have to pay R&D and the name. Maybe you will not get answers to all your problems that you might encounter right away, but the forums offer quite good support. It is all a big family In any case if you do not try to have a too exotic setup, you should not get any problems. I wonder that everyone seems to be going for the assembled kits. Assembling them is half the fun. Well, maybe not for everyone... :D
  6. This sounds like a reasonable way to go! I tried to get ignition running first, as my Saab had a very "rustic" mechanical ignition advance/retard. That was a pita and took me weeks, because of my little weird setup that I insisted to use After having figured out the ignition, I just swapped the injector wiring from the original ECU to MS and the car started up right away and was drivable! B)
  7. The MAP sensor is already on the MS board. You might want to order the upgraded version with two map sensors (one for barro correction) and for higher MAP Values. Standard is 2.5 bar. At least that's what it was when I ordered for my Saab. The upgrade is 4 bars I think, which might be more interesting for a highly boosted application. I do not know what exacly you are planning to do with the engine in the future. Cheers, Tadek
  8. MS2 will work fine on a fuel injection only application. Are there any sensors on that engine at all at the moment ? If you want to use it for fuel only, in a batch fired application the five cylinder application is not any different than four. No? MS2 will fire/inject an every trigger event from the crank ar cam sensor. At the moment there are lots more possibilities using MS1, as there are more code variants. I am not sure whether ignition is possible or how difficult it is on a fivebanger, but there defenitely more possibilities including boost control when using MegaSquirt'n Spark extra code on MS1.
  9. Hmm, I think I have to disagree on that. I have never heard of any O2 sensor that reacts to hydrocarbons. O2 sensors react to O2 concentration, or better said, the difference in O2 concentration on both sides of the sensor ceramics.
  10. Hi, I just wonder what the sensor measures, when you place it outside the exhaust streams?! As it measures O2 concentration, I wonder how this is supposed to work, since the O2 concentration is far greater outside the exhaust stream. In normal circumstances it should be 21%, which should lead the ECU to believe, the mixture is dead lean or the cat's efficiency being completely useless. Am I wrong? Cheers, Tadek
  11. You're completely right, this is really an unbelievable thread! I wonder why so far no one has mentioned that when you double your fuel pressure, you increase the flow of your injectors by roughly 40%.