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  1. volvomachine

    Rediculous C70

  2. volvomachine


  3. volvomachine


  4. volvomachine

    What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    replaced my passenger side HL wiper motor then reinstalled the stock headlights in preparation for possible new hotness
  5. volvomachine

    Post A Picture Of Your Latest Purchase

    Amp Filter....hopefully it solves the whining noise ive been getting through my speakers
  6. volvomachine

    Carlisle 2008

    so its lookin like i will actually be able to attend this year...luckily my last finals are one wedns so i should be there for either fri or sat or maybe both
  7. boo...incredibly unimpressive
  8. volvomachine

    Unmotivational Posters

    nah, the cupcakes looks store bought...could be better :P
  9. volvomachine

    Unmotivational Posters

  10. volvomachine

    Unmotivational Posters

    you could put "i make the bed" on that girls shirt
  11. volvomachine

    Unmotivational Posters

    i have this strange feeling that it is...after staring at it for a while it sorta popped out at me
  12. volvomachine

    Unmotivational Posters

  13. volvomachine

    Unmotivational Posters

  14. volvomachine

    Unmotivational Posters

    so do you think the kid with the 4 popped collars buys both small and medium so he can wear them all at the same time?