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    Rediculous C70

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  4. replaced my passenger side HL wiper motor then reinstalled the stock headlights in preparation for possible new hotness
  5. Amp Filter....hopefully it solves the whining noise ive been getting through my speakers
  6. so its lookin like i will actually be able to attend this year...luckily my last finals are one wedns so i should be there for either fri or sat or maybe both
  7. nah, the cupcakes looks store bought...could be better :P
  8. you could put "i make the bed" on that girls shirt
  9. i have this strange feeling that it is...after staring at it for a while it sorta popped out at me
  10. so do you think the kid with the 4 popped collars buys both small and medium so he can wear them all at the same time?
  11. speaking of the shocker...anyone else see one of the past Heisman winners do it on camera during their introductions last night? love the Bush with the binoculars one!
  12. kinda sounds to me like changing them wouldnt be a problem but it gets annoying seeing 4 back to back posts that just say "Bump"
  13. Pras, did you do anything with the opening of the rear hatch? it just seems different for some reason...
  14. wow i love its new look!! smooth doors FTW
  15. its ok, i left you a comment to help out!
  16. seems to be a good idea... though i do agree there should be a few more raffles, hasnt been one in a while