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  1. 2000 C70 windshield replacement

    Just got the windshield done today and it was a genuine Volvo. They said there really is not an aftermarket for them right now. It came will all trim and rain guides. It had a trim on all 4 sides. I was very happy to say the least! No broken rain guides on the side now for the first time between both my c70s.
  2. 2000 C70 windshield replacement

    Thanks for the info. My driver's side rain guide is broken. I was hoping it would come with it. I guess I will see what they show up with tomorrow morning. Thanks for the info.
  3. I am getting my windshield replaced on Friday. What should come with the windshield? I remember reading at some point that the correct windshield should have the rain guides on the left and right sides of the windshield already attached. Anyone know? Also, should they replace the seals/moldings on the top and bottom? I have never had a windshield replaced, so new territory here. Thanks
  4. How Your Car Sits

    Ding! Milestone
  5. dougy's 300$ C70

    That is a shame, sorry to hear it.
  6. Tuner4Life's 1998 Saffron C70 Progress Thread

    Love the new wheels... Makes me want 18s
  7. How Your Car Sits

  8. Volvo C70

    Volvo C70
  9. How Your Car Sits

    Just washed and waxed
  10. Get Your Volvospeed.com Decals

    What colors in the small size do you have left?
  11. How Your Car Sits

    On my old Saff, I had FSDs and Eibach springs and it was a good ride, but did not lower as much as I wanted. I am ok with most road hazards, but wash-boarding is pretty rough!
  12. How Your Car Sits

    It was right around that for me. I have not measured, but it was dramatic as you can see in the pics.
  13. How Your Car Sits

    My 4x4 before and after suspension rebuild and IPD springs and Koni Oranges
  14. Get Your Volvospeed.com Decals

    I would be in for a pair of etched glass small ones as well if you need to make a couple sets to make it worthwhile.
  15. Volvo C70 HPT

    Volvo C70 HPT