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  1. I designed and a friend 3d printed adaptor brackets for to retrofit real HID bi-xenon projectors ($35 from Ali) into my ABM housings. Nothing was changed in the headlight itself, the old projectors could be reinstalled if needed. The pink was the last prototype print before final tweaks and printing in black. Ignore the remnants of the epoxy putty I originally did the mounting with right before my friend bought a 3d printer...
  2. Here, give this a try: Volospeed_-_850_Dash_Repair Also updated my previous post with this link as well. And I just saw I spelled Volvospeed wrong... oh well... Let me know if you still have issues.
  3. I did the Chrome plugin thing (pretty cool, did not know it existed) and printed page 1 to pdf with all the images. Here it is if anyone else is interested. Thanks for the great write-up. I had forgotten about this one. Direct link: Volospeed_-_850_Dash_Repair.pdf Dropbox Link: Volospeed_-_850_Dash_Repair.pdf - Dropbox
  4. That is a shame, sorry to hear it.
  5. What colors in the small size do you have left?
  6. On my old Saff, I had FSDs and Eibach springs and it was a good ride, but did not lower as much as I wanted. I am ok with most road hazards, but wash-boarding is pretty rough!
  7. It was right around that for me. I have not measured, but it was dramatic as you can see in the pics.
  8. My 4x4 before and after suspension rebuild and IPD springs and Koni Oranges
  9. I would be in for a pair of etched glass small ones as well if you need to make a couple sets to make it worthwhile.
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