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  1. Here, give this a try: Volospeed_-_850_Dash_Repair Also updated my previous post with this link as well. And I just saw I spelled Volvospeed wrong... oh well... Let me know if you still have issues.
  2. I did the Chrome plugin thing (pretty cool, did not know it existed) and printed page 1 to pdf with all the images. Here it is if anyone else is interested. Thanks for the great write-up. I had forgotten about this one. Direct link: Volospeed_-_850_Dash_Repair.pdf Dropbox Link: Volospeed_-_850_Dash_Repair.pdf - Dropbox
  3. That is a shame, sorry to hear it.
  4. Love the new wheels... Makes me want 18s
  5. What colors in the small size do you have left?
  6. On my old Saff, I had FSDs and Eibach springs and it was a good ride, but did not lower as much as I wanted. I am ok with most road hazards, but wash-boarding is pretty rough!
  7. It was right around that for me. I have not measured, but it was dramatic as you can see in the pics.
  8. My 4x4 before and after suspension rebuild and IPD springs and Koni Oranges
  9. I would be in for a pair of etched glass small ones as well if you need to make a couple sets to make it worthwhile.
  10. Volvo C70 HPT
  11. JA VOLVO

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