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  1. Ding! Milestone
  2. That is a shame, sorry to hear it.
  3. Love the new wheels... Makes me want 18s
  4. Thanks for the pics, it is the same color as the one I have. I was thinking it was going to be a dark grey one.
  5. Lurking...
  6. I bought a kit from them and have had to get both ballasts replaced. Have not had an issue since then. But if I had to do it again, I would go with ddmtuning. I don't think the price difference (which is significant) vs. quality/performance is worth it. My fogs have a ebay special kit and works just as well and has had no failures in the same amount of time.
  7. Volvo C70
  8. Just washed and waxed
  9. What colors in the small size do you have left?
  10. On my old Saff, I had FSDs and Eibach springs and it was a good ride, but did not lower as much as I wanted. I am ok with most road hazards, but wash-boarding is pretty rough!
  11. It was right around that for me. I have not measured, but it was dramatic as you can see in the pics.
  12. My 4x4 before and after suspension rebuild and IPD springs and Koni Oranges
  13. I would be in for a pair of etched glass small ones as well if you need to make a couple sets to make it worthwhile.
  14. Volvo C70 HPT