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  1. Old picture, but it looks the same now
  2. Washed the engine bay and took out the ebay catch can to make room for a new one im in the process of welding up.
  3. Spray bombed most of the 242 interior black, SEM interior paint is the buisness, its great. Black is sooooooooo much nicer than 30 yr old faded out tan and i turned up the boost a couple pounds on the S70
  4. are you getting any codes? that sounds alot like my car is doing on stock tune... owned, the oil cooler/pan should be on any car later than 99-00. Vadis lists different coolant pipes though for the different models/years, im not sure which one lookforjoe used but i got all my stuff off of an 05 xc90 and the last one i built i ordered the pipes new, they arent too expensive, and its hard to find a yard that will pull just that pipe for you.
  5. yall and your audio, i just want my radio to make noise, thats about it
  6. put a new window channel in the S70, put the gt back seat in the 242, gonna skin the fronts tomorrow and put the gt seat covers on them
  7. yay! i did this on my S70 as well as a V70 i just built, if you have any questions feel free to ask but its a really straight forward swap. I did eventually put in a new style radiator and thermostat cap though, i needed a radiator anyways.
  8. rather drunk dirght nwow, and dud,e, aqua teeen hunger forcese is awesome when your drunk. btw
  9. fixed the window switch and worked on my sas in my s70, washed and pressure washed the underside of the 242
  10. put on my new rimps, cleaned the trash out of the 242
  11. i drained my catch can does that count? ive been working on other stuff so much my car has been untouched for a couple weeks
  12. installed hids, all i can say is wow, there is a ton of light output with jewels
  13. Made the short shift plate and fixed the side to side linkage, ordered some hids from sharp, be here wednesday :D
  14. yup, they were just on when the blinkers were on, but now I like them much better
  15. re-wired my park lights so that they work, re-wired my sidemarkers so they run with the running lights and the signals. Also did a SAS removal, still need to actually take the pump and stuff out though
  16. Washed and waxed the T5, taped up the front, rocks have already had their way with it, just to keep the bugs off
  17. put on the ebay catch can, replaced broke hazard switch, checked a ecu to insure it was working. Fun day all in all
  18. Pretty toasted and/or drunk right now, last day of classes, the line to the liquor store was rediculous. jlso whatever. Anyways, parties everywhere, gotta start studyind g for exams tomorrow.
  19. jeez i want to hurry up and get my 242, im almost shaking im so excited
  20. +1, i know of a couple of places that just require it to run and have lights. lol North Carolina isnt strict either, but my car wouldnt pass over there :lol:
  21. flipped the tires on the wheels, replaced my deck speakers