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  1. Yeaaaaaaah, something must have gone wrong ? :closedeyes:
  2. Know anyone that wants to buy an S70 T5? I know someone who has a couple...

  3. Sorry, this is all I had to contribute... hope it helps :(
  4. I know, first day up is going to kick the shit out of me... we don't have enough snow yet though. Rains all year long and we don't have enough snow <_<
  5. I have finally capitulated with the leaves... too many trees in front of my house and where I park at work :(
  6. K2 Silencers... cant wait to try 'em out. It better be worth $110/month...
  7. A few days!? Is it stuck in the mud with problems or did you take some acid or something?
  8. This will be a gem when I am done with it. BTW how can you be such a dick in some threads and a decent human being in others? It's a fun little restore project. (Danny from Evans account, I will suspend you all later )