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  1. dmelviØØ7

    Off Topic: The Thread

    You shut up. And Travis.
  2. dmelviØØ7

    Off Topic: The Thread

    Shut up, Travis.
  3. dmelviØØ7

    Thread About Nothin

    It's a shame you can't make room, I'd love to keep it here. I've got a commitment to buy in Dallas
  4. dmelviØØ7

    Thread About Nothin

    The S60R is going up for sale soon, any interest here?
  5. dmelviØØ7

    Thread About Nothin

    Lot of interest there...
  6. dmelviØØ7

    Thread About Nothin

    Not sure who remembers my old 98 V70 T5A. Anyways it over heated a few weeks ago and popped the head gasket. The current owner is trying to get rid of it. Still has the matte black roof, iPd lowering coils and 850R front seats in charcoal. It also got a brand new OEM fuel pump in April. First $500 takes it, pick up in SODO.
  7. dmelviØØ7

    Thread About Nothin

    Great compilation. I've never seen it before.
  8. dmelviØØ7

    Thread About Nothin

    Boy those would look pretty awesome in gooooold!
  9. dmelviØØ7

    The Chronicles Of Area 34, formerly 55

    Is the V60 a manual transmission? Do they even make them?
  10. I bet if you look closely you could find that same post 2 or 3 time.
  11. dmelviØØ7

    Thread About Nothin

    Rear. I'm dumb.
  12. dmelviØØ7

    Thread About Nothin

    I accidentally ordered a brand new 426 silver S70 bumper, anyone need looking for one before I return it? $430.