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  3. Looks really nice... But why is there a penis on tha side of tha rim
  4. $450? how bout $36.75 and a pack of newports?
  5. Okay, ill look into that. Im surprised at tha words that are considered to be "profane" or somethin... "Nice guy"? LOL, i didnt even say anything bad haha. I juss said m-o-r-o-n =/
  6. My bad, i must be a nice guy but what did you make tha front lip out of? I cant find where you said that =/
  7. Im talking about the stock foglights on the 850s, '97 to be exact. Im trying to get the foglights to engage w/o having the headlights on. I know this has already been discussed and ive read the how-to on it. But what im having trouble with is sliding the "metal part" out as described in step 6..... "6) Now heres the hard part, you need to slide the metal part out, it has tabs, now one side dosnt really matter if you keep the plastic mounting spot intact, but the otherone will help hold it in the new position, you need to pull it out and reinsert it like this..." BEFORE: AFTER: The problem is getting the piece out because the tabs wont let it happen. I tried using a swiss army knife to hold down the tab and pull the other side of the metal piece with plyers lol. Also im worried about somehow breaking the metal piece or the relay as a whole. Does anyone know the consequences of that? Arright THANKS!!