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  1. Well, I have FF3.0 and I'm having no luck in getting the ad-block disabled. I installed ad-block plus and whitelisted volvospeed to no avail. Both the ad-free and default skins do not work, they both bring up the ad block message. The master skin works but has ads, so I'm just going to stick with the light skin for now, just wondering which skin I am supposed to select. Edit - I guess i'm not a lifetime member, I missed that part.
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  3. My dad is an uber 9/11 conspiracy theorest person, although some of his points may be valid, in the end he says too much crazy stuff to be believable at all. I just think the premises we used to go into iraq were all pretty shitty, so we need to figure out a good way to exit. No WMDS, no ties to osama in over 300k government documents. Maybe going because they thought they were harboring terrorists and had weapons of mass destruction that they were going to use was a good idea. Clearly now though, it is evident that they were absolutely wrong, in my opinion. Really I just want the economy fixed, this is what will affect me the most as I am entering the job market at the end of this year, and trying to start my life.
  4. Piece on this on ESPN OTL about this is airing now, if anyone is awake.
  5. For some reason that pdf won't load right now, but I meant to say that the white population is growing in prisons faster than the black, something like 41 percent more for whites and 36 percent for blacks. I also said that one factor may be different judicial treatment.
  6. I read a few articles and the wiki about Jena 6 and it is a bit of a tricky situation. There are some signs that the white youths involved in incidents were not treated the same way in the eyes of the law as the black youths. I think if a gang of 6 people are beating up someone and they want to kill him, it wouldn't be too difficult. The U.S. Attorney obviously was out to get them by charging them of attempted 2nd degree murder and conspiracy to commit it. What I don't understand is why a judge would deny bail again when a charge has already been thrown out. OJ got bail no problem, after like a few days in jail, and look at the stuff that he did. The racial situation in a town like that with all the events that lead up to the major assault is one in which most people have never experienced. The truth is probably somewhat of a mixture of white and black eye witnesses and the only people who will ever know what happened are those who were actually involved with the incident. "About 1 in every 123 blacks were incarcerated on June 30, 2006, compared to 1 in every 353 Hispanics and 1 in every 588 whites (table 10)." On another note, I decided to go find the actual numbers for prison statistics for which how much more blacks were incarcerated when compared to whites. What are the reasons for this approximately 4 fold increase. It's obvious that whites and blacks do not live the same lives, and they are not the same people. Maybe some of the results from prejudices in the judicial system, but mostly from the actions of the actual people. I think asking the question why blacks commit crimes at a rate that is so much higher than whites or even Hispanics is the important one. This is just one example showing that blacks and whites are still not equal in all aspects of life, and I guess they never will be. Stats show that white populations in jails are increasing at a more rapid rate than those of blacks over recent years, so maybe the tables have already started to turn. A lot more statistical info in this PDF
  7. It's only been about 2 generations since the civil rights act, and I think that every generation racism and hate will die off a little bit more. Eventually, after many generations it will be completely snuffed out. This however, could be a long time from now with the way some people are. I think making a stupid statement that black and white people are no different also creates a problem because until we recognize and respect everyones cultural differences, we are part of the problem. Schools are still segregated racially because of the way the districting is setup, and the supreme court just ruled that you can't desegregate schools by busing students to schools to balance out racial levels. I think having schools where kids grow up in a diverse environment is the best way to decrease the amount racist people. I grew up in a small town in Indiana where the county high school had about 2% minorities while the city high school was about 60 to 70% minorities. I try to be as open minded as possible about things, but I have just not experienced a very diverse life when push comes to shove. I don't know all the facts about Jena 6, but I'm sure there is a good chance that race played a roll in the actions of the kids involved and the government officials charging them.
  8. The people on volvospeed aren't volvos main customer base... The volvo market is mostly dealing with business people, families, and women who want a safe reliable luxury car. I'm pretty sure they aren't designing their cars for men who want more POWER. Ovbiously they aren't making money off of the R line so why continue it. Unfortunately they do know their customer, too well, and that is why the performance models are dwindling. With gas prices going up the number of people who want high power gas guzzling machines is also going down. Sad fact of reality is this is the way the market is, and if you build stuff that no one is going to buy, you aren't going to be in business for very long.
  9. Do you have foglights? To post them here, upload to and copy the URL with the thing in them, the paste into volvospeed post its pretty gravy train TBH. Do you have foglights? I would need to see pictures of them off the car to decide if I am interested or not To post them here, upload to and copy the URL with the thing in them, the paste into volvospeed post its pretty gravy train TBH.
  10. 1200 for 145 K on those components might be a tough sell, auto trannys are known to have a shorter life! You should try splitting stuff up!
  11. Watch out for The Ville! Cards could be pretty damn good this year, and BOOO IRISH! as well, I go to Purdue!, but they will probably suck this year anyways, so GOOOO CARDS!
  12. Horn Relocation in the works for your cars? Everything else looks great but you can see the horns peeking through your grilL!
  13. Why not take it out of the stream and attach it to the outside of the exhaust somewhere. Stays hot so heater doesn't come on. Reads great O2 levels?