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  2. My EGT begins to climb when I go above the 12.4 AFR mark too but unless I have timing way low or am running too lean AND high load, they don't get crazy high. I'm measuring pre-turbo so I guess there is maybe +150-200F difference? What kind of peaks do you see? Your car is so amazing! I love "tuning in" to your threads to see what you are working on...Those new headers are sweet looking, I hope they net you something substantial beyond the obvious cool factor.
  3. What does your EGT look like when your AFR is that rich...I know our builds are miles apart but mine climb below low 12's and if I get in the low 11's or high 10's they skyrocket. 12.2 to 12.4 seems to be the sweet spot for me, at least as far as controlling EGT.
  4. Is it finally time to install that Meth kit I have sitting around???

  5. When I say lopey I'm not talking 60/70's era muscle car lopey, I mean that you can hear a slight change in the pitch of the exhaust tone and it sort of sing-songs up and down...the RPM is steady to where it is undetectable if it is changing on the dash gauge...It was not sing-song like that with the Volvo T5 stock tune...or maybe I couldn't hear it with the stock exhaust, that seems like so long ago... I started with the base performance maps and until recently didn't realize they were different...not sure why they would not have them standardized to begin with. Adjustable sure but they sh
  6. You got me on the overlap vs vacuum...I think it is harder to figure than it first appears due to exhaust back pressure and back filling cylinders me a headache when I think about it My idle has been lopey since I got TT, same with running rich at WOT. I think I can fix the running rich in the fuel maps but not sure about the lopey idle...could it be that the ECU can't decide which block it wants to be in making it bounce around since each of the three maps are layed out on a different grid of load x RPM ?
  7. Did you ever figure out what stock setting for turbos are? I recently (Friday) moved from EX +4(IPD) IN +3(IPD to EX +2.5(IPD) IN +2.5 (IPD) It helped smooth the power band out with the most recent revision to my TT maps. Peeking at those you posted here last week helped a lot with the ignition maps...Thanks! I do miss the raw power down low that the more advanced settings had...maybe when I get the insides beefed up I can go back...for now, my tires will last longer ;)
  8. I feel your pain H, I am going through the same type problems trying to tune mine but at a MUCH slower pace...If I had one TT wish it would be map-trace log...It would be interesting to see your maps although I am only at ~18+psi peak on an 18T. And my goal is not necessarily high peak power but more usable low and mid-range power since this car is first and foremost a street car that's daily driven.
  9. Finally got to do something to the the new MSD 6a digital installed this past weekend

  10. Lamenting the lack of time to actually work on planned modifications to my car...

  11. I'm running 18 psi on my 18T with stock internals (for now). Im running a Hallman Pro MBC in parallel to an IPD HD-TCV to help keep me out of trouble. I've been tweaking the fuel map but am not satisfied with it yet. I'm afraid to just romp on her but I rarely see >12 psi under 3600 rpm. I probably would if I just floored it but I want to keep her in great running order so I ease into high boost. Using base performance ignition timing map and it seems quite good so far. I'm interested to hear more about your (and everyone elses) TT adventures.
  12. the commissar!


  13. Enjoying the extra density we get from 17F morning commutes...I LOVE my old wagon!