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  1. Changed my oil and my fuel filter.... Filter long overdue, eeewwww, I'm slightly embarrassed!
  2. Not my pic but my car....
  3. Added 15mm spacers in the rear and dipped the pegs with metallic anthracite.
  4. '87 VW Vanagon Westfalia Lifted 2" with Mercedes CLK forged alloy wheels. 2.5 liter Subaru engine swap to follow soon...
  5. Not a syncro...but lifted like one. 2" lift springs, Bilstien HD's and 16" Mercedes CLK forged alloys. Thanks!!
  6. Tall and Slow VS. Low and Go!
  7. Not sure....but 2 weeks ago I was saying how much I wanted one. Bought a spoiler for $80 shipped and BINGO!! Want a part number??
  8. Plastidip on the new rear spoiler....bought sight unseen...bonus 3rd brake light!!
  9. Pegs with the white REMOVED look better on my car anyway....
  10. Hello thanks for the complements! Not a factory R...Volvo never produced a white R. -The airdam/spoiler is from a long gone company that made carbon fiber parts. You can still find lips like this through but they are spendy. -Headlights and corners are OEM 03-04 C70 headlights that I retrofitted mini D2S projectors into.....they perform fantastic!!
  11. Went from 18" Nebs to 17" Pegs...Thank Gregg!!
  12. Yes....I couldn't stop wanting it since he posted it up last year. Plus it's one of those blue box parts that I'll never have the opportunity to buy again. BTW my herringbone trim will be for sale in about a 1.5 weeks. Looking for a CF shift knob now.
  13. I have 20% all around....when I had tan interior it barely enough....with charcoal it's perfect!
  14. Welcome back! I was going to about to see what you've been up to and wondering if you were coming back! I still have a few welding projects for us to tackle well having a few beers!
  15. Thanks Goldponcho got the heads up and the pickup!