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  1. Trying to figure out how my reputation is -2 and i have been gone over 2 years.... hhhmmm

  2. I normally go through them, but they are not big on aftermarket, or customization , I know one of the techs and he is always asking why do i want to do this or that...
  3. Danpeal

    Volvo s70

    Volvo s70
  4. I had removed a few things that I would not miss :rolleyes:
  5. I had my 1996 NA weighed just to find out and, with half a tank and no driver I am 3057
  6. I am all for IPD, that is the first site I really found good parts on. Granted I have not bought A lot of my parts from them, but I have some. I tend to go the cheaper route, but my car just got paid off this year..... The bottom line is IPD is a great company, and the more they put out the more others will try to match or surpass. Then better parts will be found a lot easier.
  7. I am going with koni yellows myself but h&r springs , which I hear are pretty much the same as tme
  8. Well I think it looks good, maybe I should try it and not worry about new door panels?
  9. So final answer is I should keep my TB but maybe bore the intake out a bit? And how much would you charge me to do this?
  10. oh and the only thing i can say about power is a raced a stock 97 850 lpt glt , but it was an auto and beat him. But one other thing I have is a 5 speed with a stage 1 clutch Have them ground or do you know where I can get better cams off the shelf?
  11. chipped 02 sensor well this is a link to the sensor, but i got mine for about half price of that from a guy who had it laying around because he did the oh so common wrecking his 850 before he had a chance to put some of his mods on, also where i got the exhuast from
  12. Well to tell the truth on the chipped 02 sensor I needed a replacement and it was a universal that came at a good cost , don't know if it being chipped helped or if just having a new one helped, I have no clue as to hp yet, maybe after ecu tuining, but I am still going back and forth on maybe trying the turbo bolt on or going 13:1 comp. rebuild
  13. Had some idle issues and just kept on replacing till all was new, seemed like the right thing to do, and besides that almost all the part are blue and match the underhood look I am going for. Anyone know the mm of the 96 2.4l NA throttle body?
  14. Well so far I have install 2.5 inch exhaust with free flow cat, custom cold air intake, upgraded ground wire kit, procomp coil, kingsborne wires, sport chipped 02 sensor, voltage stabilizer ( had from another car that i never used so thought what the heck ), Very soon once it arrives procomp msd 6a style ignition, near future ecu tuning, and any other mods. I can afford or think of trying
  15. Yeah yeah buy a turbo.. , but would the big bore throttle body from volvo motorsports work on my 96 glt, is there a big difference between the turbo and NA throttle body? Any one sell a spacer? And what about ported intake manifold to go with the 62mm big bore?