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  1. Unbelievable. Freaking awesome job. Great read too.
  2. :cough:sunis vs. shiites:cough: Ya, they don't kill each other at all. Neither did German's kill jews in the name of christianity. I am religious person, but common, that was a stupid statement, even chuck was like WTF?!?!?! ~Mike
  3. God, fish, your head is still in your @$$. Except to disagree on different view points. If someone has different points than you, that doesn't mean they are wrong. That is called something like arrogance. You certainly do not know everything and it doesn't matter how many conservative websites you source. Anywho, about the topic. I wouldn't go as far as to say they are NOT a religion. I do not like religions that teach that perspective, but if that is what they want to preach, then let them do it. ~Mike
  4. Fish doesn't care about the facts, only about hating on "liberals." ~Mike
  5. Ya, she did that to the people of New York, and that is why they have re-elected her... I personally don't think she should be the candidate for prez. I haven't argued with fish in a while, haha. ~Mike
  6. GOD, that is sooo pretty, but damn stupidly built, what a shame. ~Mike
  7. Damn Pras, sorry to hear about the 855. Hope everything turns out ok in a couple of months. ~Mike
  8. +1 dude. That should have been our plan for Iraq. We don't need to start another invasion. ~Mike
  9. I would vote for Powell over Hilary, he is a nice compromise. ~Mike
  10. How is that statement not ignorant? Those just totally contradicted themselves as well, congratulations. I still do not see why she is so bad. Whenever I ask people why they hate her they always respond, because: she is evil, a feminist nazi, and ^^^. I don't think she would go against all of her advisors and invade a country with no proof or evidence. It was right to go into Afganistan, but not to redirect almost all of our troops to Iraq under a 'suspicion' that all the official said was wrong. Don't get me wrong, Bush seems like a nice uncle or something, but he has made someee BADDD
  11. It's not ignorant, it is the truth. No one likes him anymore, he is doing a God aweful job in Iraq, and even Republicans interviewed before the SOTU said they didn't agree. The only ignorant ones are the ones who don't see that anyone would be better, republican or democrat. And yes, we could go into approval ratings (worst since Nixon in 74) but they are not alway accurate, but still... And I have no problem with Hilary. Only really conservative people hate her because they couldn't stand having a Vagina as a President. She wouldn't be my first choice, but I need to look more into her be
  12. I don't care, anyone is better than Bush, whether it be Republican or Democrat. ~Mike