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  1. Detailed the engine bay last night. It looks minty fresh.
  2. This front bumper set is nice. What year is your S60 and what front spoiler are you running? I think I like this setup more than any other options available for my '06 S60R (winglets,wrx, CFW lip, etc...) Your setup would look sweet on my Sonic with stock '06 side skirts and rear valance, all painted sonic.
  3. Justin R32

    1998 V70R For Sale

    98 Silver V70R w/ charcoal interior Euro rails with cross bars 16t turbo 5k HID Fog & Heads Ecodes Stylin blue hose set Strong engine with 180k AC works, compressor makes a whinning noise Needs transmission work, it is driveable, but slow and not far Full set of EXTRA doors in same color with glass 2 front fenders come with it too in great shape Near Columbus, Ohio $1000
  4. Tried it last night at about 6pm. Both FCPEuro and FCPGroton.
  5. is FCP still offering the 15% off? I tried to enter the CYBERWEEK over the weekend and it didn't work.
  6. On my way to work i hit a speed bump and then the rear right wheel locked up. I suspected a e-brake malfunction. When I drove forward, every wheel revolution had a epic clunk that sounded like the rear of teh car was going to break away! found out that I could go in reverse and the issue was minumized greatly ( I susplected a dislodged e-brake shoe or something ) Got home and ripped it apart and found the spring holding the shoes at the bottom broke and the shoe was binded up on the rotor. Actually had an old spring and fixed it up and STILL beat the boss into work =)