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  1. WP_20140603_008.jpg

    Plastidipped the chrome on the grill.

    This front bumper set is nice. What year is your S60 and what front spoiler are you running? I think I like this setup more than any other options available for my '06 S60R (winglets,wrx, CFW lip, etc...)

    Your setup would look sweet on my Sonic with stock '06 side skirts and rear valance, all painted sonic.

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  2. On my way to work i hit a speed bump and then the rear right wheel locked up. I suspected a e-brake malfunction.

    When I drove forward, every wheel revolution had a epic clunk that sounded like the rear of teh car was going to break away!

    found out that I could go in reverse and the issue was minumized greatly ( I susplected a dislodged e-brake shoe or something )

    Got home and ripped it apart and found the spring holding the shoes at the bottom broke and the shoe was binded up on the rotor. Actually had an old spring and fixed it up and STILL beat the boss into work =)

  3. Removed the firewall (directly on the firewall) bushing without removing the mount.

    Installed the black bushing in this picture into the tranny torque mount and put the blue bushing in the firewall mount.


    One of the hardest parts was getting the old bushing off the steel tube. I resorted to a torch and burned off the old rubber bushing.

    What a difference!! Haven't put the tranny mount in yet.

  4. RockAuto has the EMPI for cheaper.

    And that link I sent you has the OEM CA for MUCH cheaper than IPD.

    I couldn't find the EMPI axles on RockAuto. I think I paid like $95 for the EMPI axle from FCP.

    I know iPd was more expensive on the control arms, but I emailed them for a list of other stuff and they gave me many percentages off and the price looked good to me.

    If I were to try and peice together this list from different websites I could have saved around $30 or $40.

    At the end of the day I was still ordering a good bit from ipd for some ipd brand stuff...it was easier to get it all from them.