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    I like Racing, Imports, European, Muscle, and exotic cars. I like any car that has good engineering, and has its potential maxxed out. I also like the old classics, and the DUB cars. I like Monster trucks, and everything in between. I dont hate on peoples car styles, as long as its not some weak ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD car like a Geo Metro.

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  1. Im pretty sure New Jersey is not in the South East Region
  2. we should meet up sometime. maybe at the next caffeine and octane @ Perimeter Mall

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    2. r850glt


      Gents I could meet in December ? How about hooters in Conyers or near the Horse park ?

    3. EastsideR


      Im waiting to get my car back from the shop. but I can still meet up

    4. bob82pigdog


      Just fired up my wagon for the first time in months. Bleeding the brakes tonight and I should be prime for the next meetup.

  3. What do I need to get my 99S70 T5 foglights to stay on with the high beams? I dont have the 213 relay. Do i need to take it to the dealer to get programed or something?
  4. It was your tempature warning light. It tells you when the outside temperature is close to freezing. Mine on my 99 s70 kicks in at 36°F. My old Metric 93 850 temp warning would kick in at 2°C.
  5. ooooooooooo. What does this button do? Would it be easier to just go from the engine bay to the inside of the car, and look for what you passed through some where in there?
  6. EastsideR

    1999 S70 T5

    Totaled my 1998 S70 GLT August 24, 2010. Purchased a1999 S70 T5 September 9, 2010. Stage 0, and some minor modifications.
  7. EastsideR

    Intercooler Install

    Pictures from my Intercooler piping instalation.