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  1. I know😄 The guy who bought it loves it more than I did the last years. It became a challenge to keep it in the condition it was in. So, got a good offer and now we own a T6. Might be the last decent car we own, with all the electric car BS going on in Europe.
  2. After 12,5 years of ownership it was time to let her go. Bought something completely opposite. Didn’t want a 6 cilinder, dark exterior and tan interior…guess what I ended up with😄 T6 AWD ticking a lot of boxes. Missing the T5 grunt but overall it’s a nice substitute.
  3. Still going strong after 10+ years of ownership.
  4. Still going strong, last post was from november 2016, so.....hi everbody👋
  5. At the Monte Bianco (Mont Blanc for the French), which was covered in clouds that week. Italy is an awesome country to drive, nobody cares...
  6. toilet looks comfy, can't wait to give it a try. j/k, congrats on the beautiful house and S60.
  7. New paint, new tires, new headlights, new trim and lots more. Its like having a brand new 14 year old car... Sold the S70 two weeks ago.
  8. Nice picture from a roundtrip across the Netherlands with fellow 850/X70 owners last weekend.
  9. Tea? Put it up for sale last week. Fitted new tires and newish Mimas' so I can keep the Capella's for the S60...if it ever gets back from the paintshop.
  10. Another testbike...Banshee Rune, from Canada. A enduro so a bit extreme for the Netherlands. Cornerspeed is insane (grip!!) as is the way it goes downhill, it makes it looks so easy. 1*11 is something which i could get used to. Sold the Santa Cruz and the Idworx is in for service.
  11. Little voice in the back of my head...' don't wreck it, don't wreck it...' I do think it's worth it, high end parts, craftsmanship, etc. But yes, a lot of money.