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  1. no offense to anyone here, but i've read the quran and the bible, and i was really in surprise as to how any intelligent and positively educated individual with a free mind could actually believe in all that bs... the keyword here is " a free mind " of course.
  2. i wonder why they choose the 18T and not the 19T instead ? any ideas ?
  3. i know what colloquial speech is. though i thought this was writing and .... ah nevermind. i never talked about a certain genotype. and i never said one is 'superior' to another. i'm just saying, i believe there are some aspects in our genetics that give us certain advantages in some areas, and disadvantages in some others. try & think of it this way; do you find it hard to believe that a certain individual may be more intelligent than another, or that he/she may have certain talents, encoded in his/her genes that the other person does not have? or likewise, he/she may have some defects in his/her genes, which handicap him/her in one or more ways, and which another individual may not have? it is theoretically possible isn't it? then why do you find it hard to believe that a certain group of people coming from a certain family / klan or ethnicity, may differ in millions of positive and millions of negative ways, from another group of people coming from a completely different bloodline? please mind that i'm not saying any of these people are superior or inferior to others. i'm only saying, they may differ in their talents and weaknesses for certain subjects, and this may effect their lives and their success in certain stages of their lives in many different ways. ok you got me there. if you don't mind, i don't want to talk about him or his idealogies over the internet because the turkish laws very strictly prohibit any criticism of him whatsoever. but i would tell you a lot of ugly stuff if i could, let me just leave it at that. please do not interpret my words as an elevation of western culture or europe. as i explained above, i don't believe that the western culture is superior to the eastern culture, at all. just like i don't believe any dogma is superior to another. all religions are equally nonsense IMO. i'm just saying the western culture somehow got more advanced, more wealthy, and thus more powerful than the east, which gives them the political advantage in today's world. doesn't mean they were ever more ethical or more humane. doesn't mean they are superior or more valuable human beings. it just means what it means. rich and powerful. how do you explain that certain countries are more advanced than the others? natural resources are a plus but don't quite cut it. well, we sure can't assume it's only out of luck, can we? something had to have made this difference. what is it then?
  4. come on Kashif, you know we're not fighting here. <_<
  5. i could hardly say they're nice but thanks my friend...
  6. hello guys... thanks for your supportive comments well i have the graph scanned but unfortunately my company's firewall won't let me access any of the sites on which i can host the darn thing... so it's here on my computer but i can't post the pic without hosting it somewhere. i guess i'll have to do this from home this weekend... unfortunately we have this stupid firewall to stop employees from uploading confidential company info to wrong places. :angry:
  7. thanks man well i might want to upgrade to 19T like you, or at least maybe modify this 16T, like porting and polishing it and get a new chip and call it a day... as this car is a geartronic, i don't want to push the tranny too hard, in case it might break on me or something... but then will come sway bars and 17" wheels... apart from that i'm thinking of some minor cosmetic work... but i'll have to wait for my year end bonus for all those i guess. <_<
  8. well it wasn't below the minimum line and i also had 1 bottle of motor silk in the engine which i was pretty sure would protect my engine, that's why i went on... maybe it wasn't such a good idea after all. but i did go and buy a liter of 0-40W and added it on today...
  9. hi... actually they had a rather small fan. it didn't feel very strong. and to be honest, the car was also not in its best condition. the service time for the air filter, spark plugs and the engine oil are really close. i checked the engine oil level before the test, and to my surprise, it was down to almost minimum level. but i went on with the test anyway...
  10. hi guys.. i went to the dyno yesterday. i will post the graph in a few hours as soon as i have it scanned. i have a 3" downpipe and a custom superchip @ 17.5 psi and was expecting close to 240 whp. the results were 222 fwhp (275 at the crank) and 225 fwtq (280 lb.ft at the crank) ... now this wasn't a "load dyno" but it was probably the most reliable among the ones in istanbul. Therefore i was a little disappointed however, a guy with a brand new renault megane sport (2.0 turbo) was there just before me and his car pushed only 208 hp at the crank although it is supposed to be 225 bhp crank from the factory. he was there to test it before chipping it, and his car was only at 4k miles yet. so i'm hoping these results were quite conservative...
  11. did you mean "could have fooled" ? go read up on some grammer in your native language, doctor. really? are you a genetical engineer? ok, will do that. no, he sure is not. not him or any other fascist dictator. where did you get that idea?
  12. Plus you don't know your history, during the Middle Ages while europe was languishing in the Dark Ages it was the Islamic culture who were expanding the boundaries of science, art and culture. Go read a book.
  13. hello. it's the first time i'll be commenting on a political discussion here. so please forgive me in advance for a very long post i live in a country where 99% of the population including the majority of my friends are muslims. my parents, although they've always called themselves muslims (probably out of tradition), do not practise this dogma in any way other than praying before they go to bed. they have never pressed me or my sister to do so either. i've been given some education on this dogma at elementary school & high school. i've read the quran and the bible at my own will. and also read some about these religions' histories. to sum it up, none of it makes sense. anyway, the reason i told you all this stuff is to let everyone know that i'm as objective as someone who was "first born as a muslim" could possibly be. and personally, i am not a muslim. i don't believe in any religions. not islam, not christianity, nothing. when you approach them with a very clear mind and consciousness, there is no way a bright and educated mind will believe any of those holy books. but that's another subject which i will not go into here. and please, no offence to anyone who has faith in one of these religions. what runs the world is economics (money) and power, and all religions are just disguises to that. for one thing, i can tell you very clearly that quran definitely does not say that those who do not convert should be killed. there is no such commandment in the holy book of islam. but it is indeed true that islam was "initially" spread by the sword. of course there may have been people who converted to islam with their own will and faith when they heard or read about it. but for an example i know that turks converted to islam long after it was born to the world, only when they were attacked several times and finally were beaten by the muslim arabs. so from that byzantian emperor's point of view, islam was brought to turks by sword and from turks to anatolia, and constantinople, and eastern europe, again by sword. but that was in the year 1453. everything was being dealt with the sword. now when you look at them closely, there are supposed to be a lot of similarities in all religions. promoting the good virtues and all that bla bla bla. prophet mohammed, differently from christ who was only a spiritual leader, was the leader of a state. an empire to be more precise. an islamic empire. the difference between islam and other religions is that, quran as a holy book, describes not only the way to live and what to believe, but also the way to govern a state. it is designed to rule, regulate and also enforce its laws to those who believe and practice it. don't get me wrong, it is not intended to be negative or evil at all, its rules are meant for the good of people, but it is poorly designed because it is not democratic, and it's very open to abuse by its own people. a country can not be "truly islamic", but also secular at the same time. unless it is lying to itself and its people either about its understanding of this dogma, or about its form of state. because islam by definition, is designed to regulate everything in man's life. includes your relationships with your friends, your relatives and even your wife, has clear views on the distribution of wealth, business, taxation, laws, the state, everything you can think of that makes up your life. now another disadvantage of islam is that it was brought to the world by stinking arabs. ignorant and uncivilized as they were, they interpreted mohammed's rules as negatively and badly as they could. exxaggerated the dogma's rules and opposed all developments in science, technology, philosophy, and arts, which humankind needs to understand the world. no wonder they fell behind the rest of the world. not to mention one of the biggest mistakes that the world of islam has made which is to separate the place and status of man and woman in society. i would like to add something to that, and tell you that this is not so in turkey, which has a secular state, but a majority of light-islamic population. (don't ask me how this is possible, this is also another subject and a very long one:) of course there are some problems ) anyway, when the world of islam defied all improvements and modernization, and was spinning its wheels (as we're on a car forum), europe (the world of christianity) got traction and started moving fast. europeans set for the open seas and started traveling around the globe, learning, improving, advancing, colonizing, industrializing, capitalizing and getting rich, while the lazy arabs and the rather-static world of islam sat and watched. truth be told, this includes turks. and even though the fortunate arabs had the power of the oil, you will find that they are lousy about distributing that wealth among their peoples and that their people are poor and always have been. so basically, the world is not divided into two different religions, but it is truly divided into two different status'. the rich and the poor. or in other words the powerful and the weak. the powerful claim and take what they need. and the weak can't afford / win wars and they go for dirty sneaky attacks at their enemies. which is terror. in my opinion what we really need to see in the big picture is, as long as the wealth is such poorly distributed throughout the world, we are sure to have wars and terror. be it islam or judaism or christianity or any other dogma, the true reason behind all wars has always been money and power. in different forms maybe, but all is about money and power. be it in the form of gold or be it land or be it oil (as it is now). people are people and although there are genetical differences between some ethnicities, i believe the outcome would have been the same and we would have had terror still, even if every single man on earth were christians, or they were all muslims, or whatever. thanks if you could bear with me & all the best
  14. here's the RICA stage II upgrade of Volvotuning UK it is advised for manual transmissions and not the autos. they get 340 bhp / 450 Nm with the 19T on a standard T5 engine, without any internal work. but it is also noted that this level of power is the maximum that can be achieved on a pre-1998 stock engine block, without internal work. now very realistically, this will probably yield a maximum of 280 fwhp / 265 lbs/ft fwtq on an auto T5 and around 290 - 295 fwhp / 285 lbs/ft fwtq on a manual T5 ..... not more.... still, i wouldn't take anyone's word for the reliability of such a modded car on its stock block. too risky in my humble opinion. if you're in for heavy mods, i say you should strengthen your internals.