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  1. I was at least +10 on the reputation before this stylinmotors conundrum

  2. Free 2GB DropBox account with bonus 250MB in this link:

  3. This thread needs to be split into some type of divisions... we could mirror the NFL divisions of N, S, E and W
  4. Cal3thousand


  5. Chuck would you mind adding the page navigation arrows to the bottom on of each page as well? Its annoying to get to the bottom of the page to scroll back to the top just to get to the next page.
  6. Purge Kit .... ouch

  7. Nah. Just upgrading the BIG 3 in prep for a sound system some day. My brother's 940 is giving him charging issues and I figured I kill 2 birds.
  8. Got the same one for my kid, but in Sand Color. It kick ass and I wish my seat were that nice BTW, might as well share my purchase, 1/0 and 2 AWG welding cable:
  9. Cal3thousand


  10. I got it running again! woo - hoo! Pulled the fuel pump and found the wires inside the pump were barely holding on. Stripped and resoldered those. Cleaned out the distributor cap and rotor (wow, those were bad) Restrapped my battery. Washed my trunk liner with OxyClean (this stuff kicks arse on the oil spots). Pulled out all the old wiring from my last alarm. Got 28mpg on the way to work today! thats about covers it.
  11. How about are capitalistic failures as well? I'm no socialist, but capitalism is not perfect either. Look at the health care / pharmaceutical industries: highly capitalistic, highly corrupt, and a big FAIL in general.
  12. I keep hearing this as cool as greg lets you be... would you please elaborate so i can get where the joke comes from and be cool too? :D
  13. I also question the metrics which they used to measure these "similarities". They didn' t mention precisely how they measure differences and similarities between. What similarities? Physical, emotional, intellectual similiarties? Seemed like they were purposefully vague in that section. Also with the adoption thing, no indications to the differences in how old a kid was when adopted. That plays a huge difference. The most formative years of a childs life are early on.
  14. If the FDA had it their way, all your food would be artificially manufactured just like all the drugs they approve.