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  1. Listen.... i wasn't posting about any paticular problem or solution... just suggesting something... read the post, i never claimed a BOV had anything to do with the A/F topic, gee whizzzzz i was mostly going to suggest it for keeping the new found boost, because stock bov can push open with high pressure, but i think i'm done anyway, i'm retarted, sometimes i forget.
  2. ya... when your throttle snaps shut at 20+ psi and stock BOV can't dump the pressure you can bend stuff, or your throttle can snap back open due to the pressure and you end up in the ditch or the back of another car. i never said it was the cure all for high boost, just another idem to consider if your running high pressure.... gee whiz save the attitude, everyone's so stuck up around here i think i'm about to ignore all the posts.... well not everyone.
  3. mike has an MBC... a external blow off valve tuned propperly for your whip can avoid potential problems. also, you can use your o2 sensors to check air-to-fuel ratio. with a decent multimeter you can watch rich/lean and averages all day long with no extra equiptment. but you get no flashy display.
  4. volvo for life oh yeah!*s... volvo for life.
  5. mike will be happy to hear that! the more the better, then the NOS., then the bang, clatter clatter, scrape, fizzle....darn. :blink:
  6. The long awaited pipe is nearly complete, i'm sure mike will post pics when it's back from the welder. just a bit of props: mike's car is allready very fast... it should be even faster now that mike has finally hit a full 3 inches. :D
  7. i think it's all hokey B.S. the car is allready grounded, they claim their grounds are faster? so the computers can work faster? is that possible? the whole car is a friggen hyper ground. i'm not feelin' that.
  8. i don't know anything about them, they have a good rep. with some techs i know at local dealers. i'm not trying to ruffle any feathers or anything, BBA is driving distance to me. i have a couple of cores for backup which also need to be rebuilt, so i have some room for error. i have found 4-5 companies rebuilding abs units, ranging from $79-$249, all of which seem to have good reps. Vitor has a solid VS folowing and i trust all members using the service have complete satisfaction. thank you for all the recomendations. i'll let you know how it comes out, nothing wronge with a little healthy competion. besides, i like "BOVOLS" anyway. thanks everyone.
  9. i found a company locally, BBA in So Dartmouth MA, rebuilds for $79.00 $10 shipping from my local. thanks for all the suggestions.
  10. i need my abs unit rebuilt, i have a core to send out, just checking to see who's had best luck with rebuilds. so far have contacted ATE only, price seemed high. thanks for the help.