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  1. Since 2001, has the Volvo V70 wagon and the Volvo V70 XC AWD wagon been on the same platform as the Ford Taurus wagon and the Mercury Sable wagon?

    No way. The montego/500 now sable/taurus for 2008 are based on the P2 Volvo platform.

  2. Hey guys, it's not speculation anymore...

    What is still specualtion is who. I have mixed feelings about BMW and Renault both, simply because I am not really a fan of Nissan. In BMWs case I do not see at all how Volvo would fit under their corporate umbrella. BMWs compete with Volvo (at least in theory) and it just wouldn't shake down well I don't think. I am not really a fan of the Hyundai notion either, simply because it's Hyundai. I know they are improving by leaps and bounds all the time it seems, but still.

    Volvo Penta...that would be cool.