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  1. Good idea, Topic for anothe thread.
  2. What's with all the facebook hating? I find it super useful; mobil uploding and file hosting, keep touch with my vender network, plus check out what the customer base is doing. What more can you ask for? None the less, nice to see some more activity like this Che!
  3. I'll take a few for sure. My only lack of qualification is 40+, got all the rest
  4. William Henry Harrison. I know he's a bit more than 100 years ago, but he rocked the house for 30 days, and then was like "Peace out women of questionable morals.!"
  5. I appreciate mods/others taking action on this, while I don't have a 'claim' I feel for those that do...
  6. I want to be clear that while I did have two issues with the turbo he delivered, he did indeed deliver and was willing to take it back immediately to make it right. Note the following Pm started by him; Sean: Hey Lucky, Did you bolt up your turbo yet? I need you to do me a favor. Apparently I got some housings with my builds that were machined for use with 60-trim compressor wheels. It will be easy to notice - look inside the inlet of the turbo. Look carefully at the clearance between both the inducer and exducer against the compressor housing. If there looks to be a gap larger than the thickness of your fingernail, the housing is bad. I apologize for any inconvenience and the shop is getting me the correct housings this week. I guess they make some frankenstein turbos with the Volvo housings, and some of them got mixed up. Let me know and I'll take care of it (I'm assuming the easiest way is to just send you another compressor housing?). Thanks! -Sean Here is my PM to him and his response regarding the oil smoking issue; Me: So since the turbo was already installed and my 850 was ready for a first test drive I went around the block. Lots of smoke in boost and slight smoking on decel (likely residual from when in boost). Swapped my 15G back on, once it cleared out the smoking stopped and car runs fine. So looks like this turbo has further issues beyond the compressor cover. Here's vid of the car after I got back from the test drive [youtube link] Sean: monkey my life. Haven't seen that yet! Ok...send it back to me. It will be fixed immediately with the correct compressor housing. You still have the address? -Sean Me: It's been a week since I sent that and hadn't heard anything so I just swapped to my other turbo and sent this out for rebuild to a local shop. It's rebuilt and back on the car as of last night and smoke free... they re-machined the compressor cover for me too (provided a good 15G housing i had) so I'm out $200. Review with your builder and let me know how you want to proceed. Last communication was June 9, it's now June 30. I understand those who are out cash and have nothing in hand but for my experience he did seem genuinely concerned and willing to make it right. Still willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.
  7. Maybe it's time for GB coordinators to get a vendor like status, help pole out those who are shady... Although in 5 years I've seen only a few instances like this so maybe that's a bit alarmist...
  8. As I recall he was taking payments via paypal, so if you're out $$ and have no product you could issue a complaint with them I suppose. However with that said, I'm still willing to give him some time if there has been other circumstances at work...
  9. Nah, i've moved on. Even with the additional costs I've incurred I'm still under $800 for a 'brand new' 18T so it's not that big a deal I guess... BTW I think the name of the company he is using is Turbo Power, not 100% sure though. http://www.turbo-power.com/
  10. email bryan@ipdusa.com he has done some freelance stuff in the past for others. Good work.
  11. Ipd


    Jet turbine engine made from turbo.
  12. I feel like I'm missing something on why Adam gets the brunt of all this hatred... like an inside joke I missed but still love :lol:
  13. Remember that any venting off the crankcase ventilation system that does not return to the intake tract will effectively be a vacuum leak. Just something to keep in mind
  14. Had the same issue with my 98, valve guides were a bit worn out at 180K. Under heavy over-run the high vacuum level would pull some oil past the guide in to the combustion chamber. More annoying than any thing else.