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  1. The M44-scaling-RAM.pdf is a list I made from data in Vadis database files. Vadis is using this data to convert and display live data from an M4.4 running vehicle through a Volvo System Tester or MultiTester Pro. The A5 command is reading parameter numbers that are the same in all/most Volvo M4.4. The corresponding RAM address is not always the same, so that column was added manually for one M4.4 specific bin-file. The A7 command is reading RAM addresses directly.
  2. I'll have a look at the ones I have, but I believe the PCB routing is pretty much the same. It is the part population that is different. One with part numbering (silk screen) like in Avinitlarges images is preferable.
  3. My list is a filtered print of Bosch part numbers and description from Bosch Esitronic many years ago. I don't know what the difference between M4.4, M4.4.1 and M4.4.2 is. Long time ago I started tracing lines on the circuit board, but never finished. It would be practical to have a scaled scanned clean circuit board with all components removed, but I don't have any already damaged to use for this.
  4. Just open the .adx file in a text editor and you will see the formulas for each parameter. According to the .adx file, there are 46 bytes of data in between a header 5A A5 and a footer AA 55. The parameters have packet offsets 0x00 to 0x2D in the .adx
  5. Description of the special logging protocol that require flashing of special software to the ECU can be found on the Wiki page: http://m44.wikia.com/wiki/Data_logging M4.4 also has the possibility to use built in Volvo D2 protocol which is pretty close to ISO standard. RAM addresses of 20 byte values can be defined to be returned repeatedly 6-7 times per second. These values will then be gathered pretty much at the same time. http://volvospeed.com/vs_forum/topic/171308-m44-datalogging-via-tunerprort-vag-com/
  6. 409 kkl on ebay or some other place. If you order some with FTDI in the description, you will probably still get CH340 ones, but they should work also. I don't use Tunerpro RT for this, so I can't help you with that.
  7. Make sure that you have a simple stupid plain voltage conversion cable like the old 4.09 KKL cables. $5 should be enough. Any smart cables like newer VAGCOM or ELM327 based OBD2 cables will not work. OBDLINK SX is similar to ELM327 I believe. If you have a simple cable, it is probably just a configuration problem like selecting the correct COM port.
  8. According to manual/Vadis the ECU will compensate torque for AC Compressor running. This map has probably nothing to do with that compensation, but it is only used when the AC Compressor is active. Factor should be -0.75*x (negative value) If AC compressor is activ KFDWWEAC is used. if not KFDWWELL is used. code:00006605 code_6605: code:00006605 mov DPTR, #0xF8AF code:00006608 movx A, @DPTR code:00006609 jz code_6631 code:0000660B mov DPTR, #0xFCC8 code:0000660E movx A, @DPTR code:0000660F mov B, A ; B-Register code:00006611 mov DPTR, #0xFCC4 code:00006614 movx A, @DPTR code:00006615 mov DPTR, #0x36F8 ; KFDWWEAC UEF: delta Zuendwinkel bei AC ein code:00006618 jb RAM_20.7, code_661E ; RAM: 20.7 S_KO D:PORTE1.7 N2PT (KOS56) : Schalterbit, AC_kompressor akti code:0000661B mov DPTR, #0x37F8 ; KFDWWELL UEF: delta Zuendwinkel wenn LL war code:0000661E code:0000661E code_661E: code:0000661E lcall code_2CDA code:00006621 mov DPTR, #0xFCDC code:00006624 movx @DPTR, A code:00006625 jb RAM_2E.1, code_6631 code:00006628 mov RAM_39, A code:0000662A clr A code:0000662B mov DPTR, #0xFCDE code:0000662E movx @DPTR, A code:0000662F setb RAM_2E.1
  9. The ECU will try to compensate for the torque required to drive the AC compressor.
  11. See two pages back. Sep 11. Creating XDF files is a lot of work, but if you only want to change a few values and tables then it's doable. Most likely you can just start with the one for 5cyl turbo and change the addresses to fit your file.
  12. If you have installed Motronicsuite there are M4.3 and M4.4 documents in the program folder.
  13. I'm not aware of anyone giving away an .XDF for free for B6304. I have not made one myself, because it is just to boring and exhausting to create one in TunerPro. And my 960 B6304 is using Motronic 1.8, so I do not have the motivation to do it for myself. You can download my spreadsheet in the download section to see an example of how to compare file with known Damos with unknown M4.4 file. The file in the spreadsheet has immobilizer. 0 261 203 655 might be a better choice. File:0261203655_1037355485_9186179_960_no_immo.bin
  14. Elephants are overpopulated in this area and there is therefore a regulated hunting going on to reduce starvation and destruction of the habitat. Cutting of the tale is done as a sign of respect to the fallen animal, and the tail hair is used to make bracelets by the locals.
  15. 0261204570-1037358289 is N/A B5254S I believe and has a damos file. I don't know if I have a copy of 0261204293, but I'll check if I can find the right disk drive this evening. Checksum is the same in all M4.4 as far as I know. Unsoldering is the safest known method to get the file from the chip I believe. Normal KWP reading will only read last 64kB.
  16. I'd say 99% ironic, but I normally leave 1% chance that I've missed something, and then I think you might need a few best wishes for the search.
  17. I might be missing something in your explanation, but it is entirely possible that something is broken in your old ECU. Test 1 does not prove that ECU is broken, since old keys probably don't match the new immo module. But it does not disprove that the ECU is broken. Test 2: Since the engine still doesn't start, it is in my opinion quite possible that the old ECU is broken. Test 3 does not prove that old ECU is working. I would try a known working ECU with or without immo software. Preferably both. Good luck finding an immo chip in Motronic 4.4
  18. Test 1: Wrong keys and possibly broken ECU. Test 2: Could be a broken ECU. Test 3: It is still possible that another ECU also would work, The newer CAN bus stuff is different.
  19. So you have only tried the old ecu that didn't work, and the new that are working with the current IMMO module and keys?
  20. So it wasn't Volvo that told you that you needed all three parts? But you have tried several other M4.4 boxes with the IMMO3 module and key that you now have, and those didn't work?
  21. Strange. Then I have probably only seen immo2 in action where there are no kind of identification transmitted. Only standard random seed/key exchange. I must however add, that I have only studied this from the ECM side. Then it doesn't matter what kind of box respond correctly. It is possible that at some point in time the immo module asks the ECM for identification, and stores this for later checking, but then identical Flash content should work. If this is the case, then the immo module could refuse to respond when asked by the ECM.
  22. Only igntion key and immo module has to match. ECMs with immo software only ask the immo module if it is OK to start the engine. ECMs without immo software don't ask, and don't care.
  23. Then there is probably no immo module in the car that will return OK when asked by the ECU. So you might have a problem.
  24. The only time immo should be a problem, is if you put an immo ECU into a car that does not have an immo module to reply with OK. 0261204448 appears to have immo, so if your car is working with this one, you should have no problem with any other.
  25. Version 0.0.1 alpha


    ME7 reader for the DiCE Put it in a folder like for example c:\volvo\ Then start a command line window and change directory to that folder. It can take your DiCE name as argument, or try the typical one if you don't c:\volvo>readme7 DiCE-203040 It will always read 1024kB, so if your ECU is 512kB you will get same twice.