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  1. Does this count? I think it looks better.
  2. I saw that thing parked in front of Stratton mountain last winter, drew a big crowd. Still have pictures of it on my phone I think P2 cars kept the V70 XC badging for a year or two, my mom's is XC70 but I know Ive seen P2 V70 XC's. Its all just semantics anyway... Ours: And just for people who havn't seen it before... those rims are not still on it.
  3. Your car is beeeaautiful. The badge is badass, all you need is dual chrome exhaust and some pimpin 19's
  4. my rotors rust if you sneeze in their general direction within a 15 ft. radius. Get on the brakes for 2 seconds and its gone.
  5. forget suspension lifts, those are too functional. just bodylift it. and a ladder on the back. and a tailgate mounted spare.
  6. Where are you located and would you consider making one for an 04 R?
  7. volvo sign or star trek's vulcan sign?