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  1. Car is looking great buddy-
  2. glad you found one. looks like you've had your hands full.
  3. Which car, the '99? Are you coming to Carlisle next year/ I missed your cooking this past year nah- I'm outta Volvo's but my Legacy put down 340hp/380tq on thespec 2+ clutch no worries
  4. Spec clutch? Ha that's funny I just installed their stage 2 + version on my car.
  5. purty greg- i agree, with wheels being so crucial get the right fit you want the first time-
  6. figure- just when i leave volvos. Will this also be able to data log? So that more tailored tunes can be made? Also will the availability to bypass systems (like egr/02 readings) be a switchable option? Just wondering how much control you all are going to allow/take- Nice Work!
  7. oh no...... Just Kidding! Awesome news Mike! My only 'oh no' goes for the for sale, volvospeed's is just a mess....
  8. p2 t5 or R wagon Willmington MA tonight about 8pm. Tom and I were at the gas station, you popped the exhaust so we'd notice you.
  9. Got my lower lip on from NA GAME> not the best fitting piece and I scuffed it immediately pulling off my ramps. . Also changed my oil and my dip stick gasket/seal thinga magig.
  10. Best photo I ever took Clouds over Cuba.
  11. On the channel plant green, dude who swims the rivers? WTF????