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  1. glad to have met you yesterday. we'll have to get together round here one day

  2. Like I said you should get a 313 PNP short circuit and/or a 114,124 Mode selector switch. It probaly was a glitch real quick. When the car starts a new drive cycle it doesn't see the fault anymore, hense no light. ;)
  3. you should get codes for the PNP (neutral safety switch)313 and mode selector switch 114,124. otherwise a code for the shift solenoids. If its the switches then its easy, the solenoid codes mean NEW TRANS! :blink:
  4. Yo Eric count me in. send me a message letting me know about the dates again so I can plan. I know I have to work but Hopefully I can still get there. TIMMAH!!!!!
  5. The air cooler hose to the control unit box.