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  1. Haha, dick. I will when a majority of the things are on. Coils on the way and wheels soon, as well as the rest of the bumpers.
  2. Should have just bought a fucking Mac like I told you forever ago.
  3. I joined one of Justin's custom games one time and he had like 3 people on the biggest damn map possible. Then I unleashed my wrath :lol:
  4. Lighten up, really. I find it so funny how uptight most everyone on here is about race.
  5. Really impressed with how that paint turned out.
  6. QUOTE (matt b @ Jul 7 2008, 07:48 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I just looked at the location, figures....
  7. I think its awesome glad your finally in a Volvo :lol: