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  1. Your scared of our water. Why would I be scared of you?
  2. Why was my post deleted? No one contacted me or told me why?
  3. Here is what I can say. The car looks basically like an s70. The seats are leather with a diamond pattern sewn in. All the leather is 2 tone. I think thats what its called, and the doors have silver trim that say R when you open them. Would getting a new charge cooler be worth it?
  4. Do I misunderstand or do you not want me here? :(
  5. I see. Wife has the car but I asked her to pull the number off the windshield. She said it was "hard to understand" but she believes it is, YV1LT58AXX2593618. I will pop the hood and check the engine number when I get home
  6. I do no see what I am supposed to be looking at
  7. Thats just what I was told. The only uprates I know this car has are the exhaust, water injection, and I was told a computer upgrade. How can I check the computer to tell if its upprated? Is 1.48 bars where I should be?
  8. wow you guys are fast. I did search. I learned a few things. Fill out signature/check the posted information before asking/someone named gary is a goat blower.
  9. I am new here so please do not flame me. I even went ahead and became a supporting members so hopefully I can help others out once I read more and know what to say. Back on point. I just picked up a red S70R from a local used car dealership. What turbo do I have? Is there a general safe limit on how much boost I can use stock? Only 2 mods so far but I want more.