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  1. Changed the floor mats from winter to summer...
  2. Wired my sidemarkers finally, fixed my grill and changed the earl
  3. There is nothing you can do about this so just save your breath...what are you going to do, not buy gasoline..? It does suck that the stuff is almost $4 a gallon for 93 where I am at..
  4. Soaked these in Plasti-dip for the license plate brackets since they was rustin..
  5. Adjusted my E-Brake and put a new trunk handle in a few days ago..
  6. Yes sir...and we cleaned the engine out with some good stuff before the switch..
  7. Gonna give them a try since the OEM remotes for a 97 are hard to find and expensive
  8. I fixed the cupholders in the armrest by using parts from the 855...:(
  9. Put a few more items in the Red Rocket from the 855 Platty..
  10. Today I replaced what was left of an upper motor mount, and the pass rear section of door trim....AND hacked up the 96 Platty Wag that is going to the Yard on Monday :(