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    My 1996 Volo 850 T5

    just pictures of my car
  2. From the album: My 1996 Volo 850 T5

    Nice intake, love the sound it produces, worth the money in my opinion
  3. my tires are 205/55R16, i didnt buy em my dad bought em before i was givin the car and yea its more like the kazoo buzz..but..without the kazoo sound..
  4. hmm..interesting, im gonna have to try that, thanks for that tip ill see if thats the case
  5. what other mounts do i need beside the torque mount?
  6. i went out there just now and looked at it..there is some wear on the bushing the corners of the bracket itself have like cut into the bushing gonna replace that..but..looking at the fire wall i think it maybe the firewall itsself, its not securely fastened on there maybe have came loose a lil but if you tap on it, it hit against the other side of probably make it go back forth and vibrate and buz on the backside of it, any way to fix this? i noticed it looked like some sort of scew or bolt or something is missing on the fire wall and it could be the problem. This isnt really a major deal, its just a big annoyance when i wanna show a new person my car and i accelerate and that buzzing comes in, its a little embarassing
  7. yea its only when i floor it, other than its quiet,i could go check the torque bushing ive been meaning to replace it cause i heard that can help with smoother shifting under hard acceleration..and the fact that it probably needs to be, what should i look for exactly?
  8. sounds alot like what you listed as number 5,but how does a dash bracket just break?
  9. sounds more like 5 like..ugh hold on im going to go make a video so ya'll can hear it EDIT: ok..apparently the mic on the camera isnt that sensitive and the sound of the engine drowns it out,but it sounds like a metallica sound and it will go...bbrrzzzz...brrz..brzzz..brzzzzzzz
  10. Ok, im not quite sure if anybody else has this problem, but if i dont have anymusic on and im just driving, and i floor it, i hear an annoying buzzing sound comming from inside the dash area. It is seems like its comming from about the center of the dash maybe a little bit towards the passenger side,and im guess its like the AC fan or something. Anybody know if theres a way to make this stop? Anything i can do? If anybody needs to hear what it is, i can make a vid if it helps out. Thanks