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  1. Yes please! Also, while on the topic could we get some common history tables incorporated for the next adx and maybe the formula changed for ve_part load (and any other tables it could be used)to show target afr?
  2. Made some changes to the wiki; re uploaded all the bins/xdf/adx files I have and a few Ive seen posted since the droid site is down. still looking for citations but ill try to add them to the wiki when possible. Also reskinned the latest adx I had (REV5TMM9AFRa.adx) to a darker color scheme. I got this from one of Hussein's posts and I recall it being setting for an AEM Wideband setup so it may need some modification if you are using a different wideband controller. Screenshot: Available here. If anyone else can upload and/or post any other bins/xdf/adx files that they may be using
  3. Awesome turbosforlund! Let's get this added to the wiki, if you have any pictures of the relay install would be great just to add whenever you get a chance. If anybody is looking for a cheap laptop for tuning, I found the Asus T100ta laptop >mentioned by Razorx here for $200 shipped at newegg (refurbished). It's a pretty basic laptop/tablet combo but should be more than sufficient Deal is good till Tuesday 2/17: click fixed link
  4. Still about halfway through this thread trying to catch up, contributed to Wiki today, compiled/edited/added Simply Volvo and Hussein's Ostrich install tut here. Thank you guys for all your hard work! Goal is to get all the answers in this thread on the wiki.
  5. DRUUUUUUUUNK!!!! Got two ladies numbers.. good times tonight. Now going crazy on facebook haha.
  6. Drove to school and back. I also made a new sig. Does anyone want me to make them a sig?
  7. So I guess the nut that was blocking off EGR on the exhaust mani fell off :(
  8. Haha, you damn right I was. I got a super exhaust leak last night. No boost for me :(
  9. Got insurance last night. Today I got it registered and washed and waxed it.
  10. lol must be nice to finish fast. I ended up buying a new one. You wanna try to use the old one? I might still have it. I thought you were gonna end up doing it next week? Thats why I was trying to get my car ready, lol.
  11. Still scared to hit full boost, haha. Stalled twice in traffic today. How embarassing. I was super lit though so I guess it was ok.
  12. Smogged it today and drove it some more. Im totally getting the hang of it. Still, I am not worthy.
  13. QUOTE (matt b @ Feb 21 2009, 06:06 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Took you long enough. Good for you. Haha, you're telling me. So much stuff has come up (car and personal stuff too) and then it leaked out all the oil (busted oil pan) so I was starting to resent the car. My mom hit my car as well and she felt bad so she paid to get it running again, lol. Now I need a sideskirt and fender repaired and a paint touch up but that'll happen soon enough. Gotta smog it and register now.