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  1. We love you DOUG!!!!! Come back! Turn off ANON. We all see you. PEEKABOO!

  2. hell yess!!!! I swear to god that was the BEST tequilla I ever had. thank you soooo much!!! Doug thanks you too, it finally hit him when we got back to the room. we owe you! Theresa
  3. You shouldn't be George, you have a fantastic car. A win well deserved!
  4. not enough macguyver pictures in this thread ;-) Thanks again Ben for the shots! I was glad I woke out of my evening nap to catch the bar before it closed. Good to see everyone again.
  5. makes 30-35psi idle warm, 50-60psi cruise warm. He makes good pressure, thats why we didn't even check his oil feed line. ASSumption is the motha of all monkeyups I guess.
  6. its 12AN or 14AN... plenty big. somethings goofy with the feed line.
  7. Mike I might have something to send you... possibly. by the way 034 datastreams now. Sending you a pm. Theres always haltech too... that'd probably do the job.
  8. But no harm in running the R rears. Honestly, the difference in a panic stop situation between my car and carsons is little to none. The upside to the R rears is a better disc and more pad choices imo. You *might* see a difference under extreme track use but I doubt it. On a side note, if it wasn't for the last 3 orders, ST would have canceled production on the kit.
  9. cage match! CJ, you need to find an excuse to come up sometime before end of august. Bert, you and I can go out drinking and really get into some trash talkin. (by the way CJ, I have some projects to talk to you about when I get home... next project car is already in the works)