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  1. One of the daily bangers, I'd really like to buy a nice automatic but I know I'd destroy it
  2. Not really the same argument death vs. torture. Torture results in a live albeit emotionally scarred individual. I'm not arguing the right vs wrong aspect of torture, just the historical use of it. Wartime intel uses and in my opinion requires techniques like waterboarding. While I don't want to be tortured, I can sit back and say I'd give up more info if I was. Put yourself in the chair and assume someone is asking you questions: Where are zee weapons? I'm not telling Pleeeze tell us.... ^That's not as effective :rolleyes:
  3. I believe collateral damage is the term. It sucks but it's part of global conflict. Always an "acceptable" amount of collateral damage
  4. Boy scouts taught me some valuable lessons as an impressionable youth, was a great organization. I may not have voted for Obama, but I can see the importance of a wide versus small audience. He moved to the view because his "handlers" told him to, just like every other president has done to boost approval ratings.
  5. TheCapn

    nena 1.jpg

  6. Are you still in lexington? If you were in town you could take it to Kenny jones automotive. (All volvo shop) and talk to Danny or Kenny. If you are in Lex you could get it towed to jim stephens foreign car service in cinci. Both are great shops. If you are going to sell it totally let me know, but i'd like to see it fixed, it's a beauty.

  7. Steely Dan and some old electronica like Gary Numan. I tend to turn these down at stoplights.
  8. ^^^For the love of god why!!!!!! :lol: