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  1. So if the FBI guns down members of your family while pursuing a terrorist will that be an "acceptable" amount of collateral damage to you?

    Not really the same argument death vs. torture. Torture results in a live albeit emotionally scarred individual. I'm not arguing the right vs wrong aspect of torture, just the historical use of it. Wartime intel uses and in my opinion requires techniques like waterboarding. While I don't want to be tortured, I can sit back and say I'd give up more info if I was.

    Put yourself in the chair and assume someone is asking you questions:

    Where are zee weapons?

    I'm not telling

    Pleeeze tell us....

    ^That's not as effective :rolleyes:

  2. you missed what i was asking...what if they weren't terrorists? what if they were just citizens from a different country that were suspected of being terrorists? or are you under the ignorant impression that everyone from that region is in fact a terrorist? because we did torture what turned out to be non terrorists. is that upholding our laws and ways and morals? i don't think so.

    I believe collateral damage is the term. It sucks but it's part of global conflict. Always an "acceptable" amount of collateral damage

  3. I like the ride so far. Didn't drive it too far because it doesn't have a license plate, because I was unable to get the sheriff inspection after

    the rear window shattered (Still waiting on replacement) Exhaust is quiet, but sounds good under full throttle (Pretty much what i was looking for) I'll post some pics in the showroom as soon as I get the a new window and have a chance to get this bish washed....