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  1. agreed. it's my 21st birthday and i had to search volvospeed with one eye closed to find this poking thread
  2. just started. my previous mechanic job sucked monkey nuts so i'm heading in a different direction
  3. OH! i didnt know they were replicas, i was looking at them at carlisle and wondering how on earth you planned on fitting cobra wheels + adapters under your car. now it all makes sense, should look awesome
  4. bdimag honeyman noodle jnderr Volvo_go_go fastboy mesoam (n)a-game gdizzle SeedyRom JVC RBoy8 Moosepower JC 855 GLT-R (Jack) Neu GltGreco (mike) ping23 Oreo931 gmsgltr leroystew Fake-R Tommy. R Moose (Dan) Prezman26 (Mike) T5power - Corey aznpaintball111 fischmama DB855R flyfishing3 mike 64pvolvo1800 Paul 4EVA (Owen) EVL WAGN 7 VII 7 Logan2224 Jeph430 R850glt swedenlow scandalo KaptainKurt / Napoleon BONERpants / Kurt janskivolvo VolvoRacer850R Tizio volvo_s60turbo volvoskiah Ghost shadow Volvo5.0 Gigawit_Anteon FINN 83' Turbo FIORE Tom_K BlackT5m Tyler T5R Saffronmoose Dermy i can has probably the last entry
  5. hahaha this thread has corrupted my mind within a 3 post span. every time i play the rock paper scissors game and "WIN" flashes up i can't help but hear it charlie scheen auto-tuned in my head
  6. lollerskates skip to the 53 mark. idk why but it tried to start playing the end of the video right away for me
  7. put the pos70 on the dyno today at a local shop's open house, made 230hp and 257tq. mbc set at 12psi and 298k miles on the motor torque seems somewhat low? idk what these things are supposed to put out, i just did it for I crapped my pants and I love how it feels. pwned by the world filter again. i'm on a roll
  8. a local deer was nice enough to give me a jewel headlight, thanks! second day that i had the damn t5m on the road lost a brand new nokian to the broken glass too
  9. blahhhhhhh block party down at temple, this is probably the best monday i've ever had. pro-tip: park your streetbike in front of the house you're staying in, brings in a lot of girls... and dudes who want to talk about bikes, not so much :lol:
  10. rrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh totally worth bumping to a new page for that pertinent piece of information
  11. this^ as a kid i always wanted to follow in my father's footsteps and become a mechanic, so in that sense i've lived up to my expectations. unfortunately, the job itself has not. i've tried dealerships but felt lost in bigger shops so i recently settled into a mom and pop garage a mile from my house (4 mechanics including myself). i can't say that i'm unhappy with my place in life so far. i just turned 20 three days ago so i hopefully still have some time ahead of me to figure out where i'm going. i'm also a full time student but i've stuck to community college so far for a few reasons. mainly because i have no idea what i want to do for a living so i can't justify spending big on classes i might never need, and it also allows me to hold a full time job and afford the toys i've always dreamed of. i think the real problem is that i expect to much from everything around me. when i was younger i dreamed of having project cars and motorcycles like my dad, and i do now. i have a mazda that gives me endless headaches and keeps me up late at night, just like i remember my dad doing with his camaros. i'm really not going in any direction with this post. i guess after giving this thread some thought i'm really just coming to the realization that even though i wish everything would work out better sometimes, i can proudly say that i have fun owning, working on, and driving/riding cars and motorcycles. that's really all i ever dreamed of as a kid, so i think i would be proud of myself. not even in a sense of occupation or hobbies either, i also feel as if i've retained a good portion of my childhood morals (right vs. wrong) and i try my best to be these for those who care about me. i'm going to give this some more thought for the next couple nights and report back. this is really the first and only unorganized post i've made here (other than the drunk/hungover thread ) so i'd like to try and tidy up my thoughts at some point to too* these there*
  12. partying across the street from a graveyard is just as much of a downer as you'd expect... especially when your grandfather is buried in that specific cemetery