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  1. Drove to work with some zest through my old neighborhood (country road, too early for pedestrians/ other traffic). Drove home with the hammer down on the highway. replaced a dead bulb in the Euro corners.
  2. I want snow. I miss boarding. How long has that been there? or is it permanent? (not sure how far north kodiak alaska is.)
  3. Dear Pras, I still love your car, for what it was. I am sure everything will work out (in a semi-cinderella story way) also, where b teh pixorz?
  4. I have worked in shops that ranged from brake work= must have mask to the parts departments not even stocking masks. The theories I have heard about brakes AND clutches range from "your safe, they havent contained asbestos since 19...." all the way to "when you are pulling rims off of a car you should wear a mask". My personal preference is to wear a mask because even if i wont get mesothelioma, brake and clutch dust smells like crap. I also wear a mask during regular brake servicing in my personal garage as well. I would recommend it, but its up to your own discretion.
  5. I joined this board for two reasons, I was looking for an 850, and because I have been a Volvo employee in the past, and again am now. I have found all the information I have needed to not only purchase a quality volvo, but also enough information to fix it in a cost effective, non-dealer needing manner. Some people may wonder why someone at a dealership would want to fix it independent of the dealer, I am educating myself on how to work on volvos, which not only includes learning at the shop, but also learning by doing on my own vehicle. I have found numerous posts on things that have sparked my interest that nobody at the dealership had even thought/ heard of, (LED dash lights), and I am now in the process of converting mine to LED, and it is a cross- make interest generator. People from my Honda classes are interested in the how to of the retro-fit, and even some of the old school hot rodders are interested in the progress. In the end, I could not have spread "volvo awareness" without this forum, and couldnt even have fixed my own new to me volvo on a budget without this site. This experience has made me realize that I should not only become a supporting member to keep the board alive, but also to keep the board from becoming another corporate controlled means of advertising. I have also put 3 volvospeed.com stickers on my car, to help silently spread the word. Thanks Chuck and the moderating team. Your help/ time/ effort has been appreciated, and will continue to be.
  6. Yeah, my shop does all sorts of stuff, and I'm fairly sure they wouldn't mind. I could definitly ask for you.
  7. ... what kind of repairs? All general repairs?
  8. Thats only because ferrari won't except kidneys or other organs as payment. But if they did, I'd be all over it.
  9. :tup: Fixed mine. The meet keeps getting smaller and smaller. It was originally 788 pixels long. Looked good, but too high. and long according to new regs.
  10. Are the rims still hanging around? Also, how long would it take to have the projectors fit for an 850?