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  1. My 13' stumpy evo 26. So far it has cost me bout $2 per ride
  2. Okay, redheads or bust? That should be easy for you....
  3. Okay I will plus one you for this, if you post a pic as prrof. Here's what I got. Fresh.
  4. Tom and I raped my girlfriends car today. Radiator Trans lines Oil change Cooooooolant PnP stupid shit switch Stupid shifter button Shaved some fuzzy R seats Then washed that bitch!
  5. I've been waiting for that ship! Hail to the king baby!
  6. LOL! We make so much shit I don't even know what that shit is!
  7. Oh its a good thing you narrated the picture, I was thinking professional cow milker based on the picture :lol: