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  1. My 13' stumpy evo 26. So far it has cost me bout $2 per ride
  2. Okay, redheads or bust? That should be easy for you....
  3. Okay I will plus one you for this, if you post a pic as prrof. Here's what I got. Fresh.
  4. Tom and I raped my girlfriends car today. Radiator Trans lines Oil change Cooooooolant PnP stupid shit switch Stupid shifter button Shaved some fuzzy R seats Then washed that bitch!
  5. I've been waiting for that ship! Hail to the king baby!
  6. LOL! We make so much shit I don't even know what that shit is!
  7. Oh its a good thing you narrated the picture, I was thinking professional cow milker based on the picture :lol:
  8. How hard was it to gut the stock bushing?
  9. ? What they were 10 bucks and are for my DRLs which arn't on that much. Yeah no shit I can't hid convert DRL lights on an R.
  10. Several things lately... and a pair of HD Meyle endlinks cause my diy ones are going clak clak clak clak clak.
  11. Hey Tom, how was it driving from NY to PA with no rear window... pshhhhh...phhhhhshhhshshshshshshhshshs.....shhshshshshhs :lol:
  12. Dear Jake, (plz insert pictorz of your new vehicle here)
  13. What, showroom gay? Whats that? Kiwi Shoe Dye man, works ballz. I heard you talking about it earlier, just wanted to work the rep. :lol: