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  1. Okay.........deep subject........ I encounter this scenario on almost a weekly basis at work. Someone gets arrested for a criminal offense and gets deported by Border Patrol. Most often, they have been "voluntarily returned" before. Then they show up to their Court date a month later. I try to track down BP again when they get to me so I can have them sent back again, thus starting the whole fun little game over again. Because there are no real penalties for most people who cross illegally there is no real risk to doing it. I grew up on the border and its always been this way. Most of them are working, have fake social security numbers and as a result pay FICA and SS into the system, but claim so many deductions that they aren't taxed. I'm all for deporting permanently the criminal element, and finding some legalization process for those who remain law abiding while here. Now if only we could also remove some of our own criminals.....then we could have an exchange program maybe??? We'll take ten hard workers for every scum bag they take of ours????? B
  2. Good point. Both parties need to cut this recorded phone message crap out though. Laura Bush called my mom three times last week to remind her to calls to a woman whos going through chemo and a bone marrow transplant and has already voted by absentee ballot FTL B
  3. Remember.......Dean was the king of grassroots. On a side brother deploys in a couple days for Afganistan. I'm glad the Dems one so many spots so maybe..just maybe he can get his ass back here sometime in the near future. That's a purely selfish statement and yes.........entirely wrong way to look at winning this war but he's the only one I got so I'm allowed. B
  4. Rebuilding now is really our only choice. When people are starving/homeless/terrified they naturally turn to idealogical "saviors" for inspiration and relief from their woes. If we fix the damn place then at least there is some chance that the countries won't completely turn to fanatacism. While I personally don't like the fact that our men and women are dying/being maimed over that we're in we're in B
  5. I'm kiddiepornaphobic not homophobic. There's too much of this shit out there and someone has to stop it. B
  6. +1 to shutting it down and plus a whole bunch for shutting isp's down that let this happen flagrantly. I'm a parent of two little girls and have personal experience with how life altering these events can be. Now...I put people in jail or prison....that gives me a little smile inside! just my two cents B
  7. Just a post to say thanks to everyone involved in getting the site back up. Now I finally have something to do at night besides staring blankly at cars I can't afford yet! Yay for me!!!! B
  8. Don't let em give you any sh-- about that old thread of yours. way to step up a billion notches. Looks good. besides....girls get in on the passenger side so who's gonna notice the 1/4 panel right??? Congrats man! B
  9. Very cool. Thanks for the pics. Maybe someday soon I'll make it out to CA and see those things in person! B
  10. 91 is all I use in my NA and have heard the same is "strongly reccomended" others say it doesn't matter. I would say this...when I first bought the green machine last year the first thing my dad said was to run premium unless I just really liked engine knock...and he hadn't owned a Volvo for 20 years! B forgot......... pm me once you put the ECU in and tell me if it was worth it.. B
  11. These fit on the 850 right?? I may have one by the end of the week and will want 'em for sure. B
  12. Okay..this got bumped so allow me to say this.... news is never "fair and balanced" no matter where you're getting it from.... I read everything I can and try to find the truth in the middle. B
  13. thats is just wrong but i'm rollin. ask a simple question...get a simple answer!
  14. Hot Darn diggitty ,... they are soo mine. pm'ing you now.