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  1. ive always read you loose H.P. by adding a under hood intake because your sucking in more hot air. Personally i prefer the cold air intake mod with a K&N ( better flowing filter & getting cold air in same time )
  2. 96850.... im looking at getting Inmotion to tune my ecu, are u happy with the job theyve done ? If you dont mind me asking how much did they charge you ? On there website i think they charge alot more than if you find it on ebay....
  3. uncle.. yeah the all doors and trunk lock and unlock when i use the key. i havent checked my fuses yet though. im gonna go to the dealer and have them check my remote. i took the remote apart and it looks good on the inside. i spoke to the service guy at the volvo dealer and he said its rare that the reciever go bad its usually the remote. like i mentioned before the only thing that concerns me is i cant get my led on the dash to come on like it should berore you can program. the guy at the dealer said some would and some wouldnt considering on how fast you turned the key the " 5 " times. im gonna pull the glove box and take a look at the reciever and make sure im getting 12v to it. i dont mean to be a bother i just hate to have something that wont work uncle... do u remeber if the led on your dash would light up when you programmed your remote ?? thank you for everyones advice !!!!
  4. oops sorry didnt log in first... actually i checked my key transmitter and it does "click" so i guess its in pretty good shape. i really think my problem is the reciever. like i said its not lighting up on the dash after i do the on and off with the key. ???? any more ideas..??? i tried programming with the doors locked and unlocked.. how can i change the lock positions on my trunk. i have the central locking sys. so it controls everything ????
  5. i recently purchased my first volvo and i love it... the prior owner gave me the remote for the keyless entry and ofcourse it doesnt work. i installed a new batt in the remote, done the turn off and on 5 times trick no luck. my understanding is the light on the dash should come on after turning the key on and off 5 times, then press the key on the remote to program. my dash light will not come on after the on and off thing. any ideas where to check... thanks for any help !!!